• 100hr complete full training for those brand new to this or for existing birth workers such as midwives, doulas, hypo-birth practitioners, or indeed yoga teachers and other exercise professionals wishing to develop their skill set.

  • Open to anyone wishing to become an expert Antenatal Education teacher (no previous experience required) - our courses are complete and comprehensive, providing all the materials you need to deliver exceptional courses to those preparing for birth and life with a baby.

  • Our rich and in-depth training will take you around 3 months to complete. During which time you if you need you can receive on-going support and mentoring.

  • After just 5 days of training you will be ready to begin teaching your first practice courses and be on your way to becoming a LushTums Antenatal Educator.

You will also have the opportunity to do a further training if you wish to also set up Pregnancy Yoga classes as well. This perfectly complements your Antenatal Education courses offering your students more support and fantastic yoga practices to help them with birth and adds another string and revenue stream to your bow.

It is run as a separate training course and takes around 2-3 months to complete. If you are interested in this as well, please let us know.

Antenatal Education Teacher Training

Fantastic training for anyone wishing to offer informative and educational birth & baby preparation classes for expectant couples.

Open to anyone looking for a rewarding career with a passion for working with and empowering women and their partners at this time. , Even if you have had no prior birth, baby or yoga experience, we will share with you rich teachings and evidence based research to help you on your way.

Read our brochure for full course details - and if you need more info we can email you over the course syllabus as well.


  • 2019 and 2020 dates to be announced - register now to save your space.