WELCOME TO "Beautiful Birth" - our unqiue online approach to hypno-birthing

Access fantastic and effective ‘hypno-birthing' mediations to help you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for birth and motherhood beyond. These have been carefully designed by our founders, experts in yoga & NLP and how we can really focus our mindset to help us on our way. And have access to our Private Facebook Group, Your Beautiful Birth for free for everyone who purchases our online hypno-birthing course - included here are numerous articles to help you prepare plus online pregnancy yoga videos for each trimester.

Unlike any other hypno-birthing course to date all our relaxation mediations are available online and become unique to you and your pregnancy as you tailor these for yourself. Access a full suite of MP3s and videos that have been carefully crafted so that you can simply lie back, press play and rewrite any limiting beliefs or fears you have about your pregnancy, the birth of your baby or being a mum or dad. It's even fine to fall asleep while you listen - it still works as your sub-conscious mind is still listening.

These meditations will help you:

  • Overcome any fears around birth

  • Learn deep relaxation and breathing techniques to help you give birth

  • Build up your own self trust and confidence

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety

  • Deepen the connection with yourself and your baby

  • Reduce your perception of 'pain'

  • Feel empowered and ready

So, whether you are going for a vaginal birth, maybe at home or in the hospital birth, a planned C-section, or you are having multiple babies or your baby is breech, you will something helpful, supportive and most importantly empowering with the LushTums Beautiful Birth online course.

  • Start practicing these mediations right through your pregnancy - from 0-40+ weeks

  • Save the ‘birth’ meditations for use from 37 weeks+

  • You can carry on with the Positive Parenting Programme meditations, as and when you notice you need some positivity during parenthood


Investment -  just £97 for the full programme


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Thank you, I actually breathed my daughter out! I didn’t really believe I could do it, but with all of those weeks of support and guidance she just came out with my breath. Thank you” Lina

”I am so glad I invested in this Birthing Course! It prepared me and my partner to be truly there to birth our son. It was amazing, it was the birth I wished for. Thank you so much.” Anna

”Due to circumstances my son was born by C-Section and because of you and this course, his birth was beautiful! I know I did everything I could and some, to bring him into the world safe and healthy. Having a positive birthing mindset has made all the difference. Thank you x” Ellie

”I feel like Super Women. Super quick delivery and I did all the pushing with no pain relief. Thank you so much for all your help and support!” Marianne

”My son was breech right up till 36 weeks. I started hacking and chatting to him and positively uploading that he was int he perfect position for birth. Right at the last moment he turned and I went on to have him at home.” Amanda

”It was amazing, full on but amazing! Everything I did with you just kind of clicked in. I was literally riding each wave and my partner who was really terrified of hospitals did some hacking around that and was brilliant! It really helped us. Thank you.” Lucy