Lushtums Birth Stories & Testimonials

Click on the beautiful images below to read the mum's birth stories & testimonials - from home birth to hospital birth, from in the pool to cascades of intervention.

What we learn through listening to other people's birth stories is that 'everything has a place' and births unfold in exactly the way they are meant to.

We may not understand it at the time or even for a long time afterwards but babies have their own unique way of coming into the world. Creating their own 'birth story'... We learn the importance of retelling our stories and the deep healing that can arise through writing down our experiences and processing them in a different way. Even having your birth partner write their version and then swapping stories is incredibly insightful.

So we wish for you to enjoy these wonderful stories! Just a few of the thousands we have to share!

And if you would like to share your birth story, please get in touch. You'd be welcome to submit your story for our blog or this page or explore a post-birth debrief session to help you release any trauma from a difficult experience. We'd love to hear from you.