Baby: NICO
Mum: laura

We had planned to have our baby as naturally as possible using water and active birthing principles. However, when he was still breech at 37 weeks, I was booked in for an ECV to try to turn him. Clair helped by discussing this in class as well as other options. The breathing techniques learned at LushTums came in use here as it was quite painful but I had to stay still and calm in order to have the best chance of it being successful. Unfortunately, as this did not work, I was booked in to have an elective Caesarean at 39+1.  

The experience was both surreal and controlled and the opposite of how I hoped my birthing experience would be. I wanted to experience labour and see what my body had been preparing to do for the last 9 months. However, our son Nico Rowan was delivered safely, weighing 6lb 11oz. He was beautiful! We requested delayed cord clamping, that Dad could cut the cord and to have skin to skin contact on my chest as soon as he'd been checked over, all of which the staff were more than happy to accommodate. Although the drugs administered made me less alert than I would have been, I was still anxious and used the breathing techniques from class.

Having never practised yoga before attending LushTums, I found it very relaxing and also physically challenging depending on what routines we did and how far pregnant I was! I will definitely try yoga again, it's just a shame I won't be able to attend Clair's classes!  Motherhood so far has been challenging but better than I could have imagined. We are only 9 days in so it's very early on and we can't wait to see him grow and learn.” 

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