Baby: Wilfie Robert
Mum: Hannah


I was one of your yoga mamas throughout the latter part of 2014...I wanted to write and let you know we had a beautiful baby boy over the Christmas period (27/12)..Wilfie Robert. He's a beaut!!!

Wilf did not arrive into the world quite how we had expected (do they ever?!)...Ian, my partner, insisted we go into hospital for a sweep when I was 41 weeks as he thought little bub was not moving as much, I thought he was being very over cautious (occupational hazard of a Dr working on labour ward!) but he insisted and I was so tired I caved in! When we arrived at hospital our babe was monitored for a few minutes and within 30 minutes Wilfie was delivered via emergency C-section. Luckily there was time for a spinal (rather than general) so I was awake throughout...I remembered your voice saying that labour could often take unexpected turns and that even during c-sections the breathing could be was!  Wilf needed a couple of blood transfusions and had a week on special care before we could take him home...five days later he was back in hospital for another week with bacterial meningitis. Thank the universe, he's now 6weeks old, we're all home together and he's growing like a little ox (no longer that gorgeous curled newborn that appeared in my arms but now growing into a wonderful bright eyed little baby boy-yummy!) 

Throughout our time in hospital I really think I was able to draw on the classes you ran and the knowledge you shared with us; you always very skillful facilitated an environment which I found extremely empowering and calming. I really think this helped me enormously in looking after my boy in the early days at hospital and speaking openly about what I thought should happen (for example allowing me to voice our need for skin to skin contact; loudly requesting support with expressing my milk until Wilf was strong enough to take it directly; using the breathing techniques to calm myself and him whilst I held him during blood tests/injections etc) More than anything, the practice of mindfulness that was prevalent throughout your classes was especially helpful; during the birth it helped me stay focused in the present moment, rather than being upset that I had never actually 'gone into labour' or worrying about the speed at which everything was happening; later it helped me stay calm and strong as I learned to watch Wilfie and quickly realised that he was the true guru of mindfulness (like all little ones!)-he neither worried about all the procedures that had happened to him or stressed about his future..he just lived in the very moment! I did my best to do the same and in doing so I was able to really enjoy him and my very early weeks as his Mama...I'm still having a smashing time :-) So thank you, for all your support and fabulous classes, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is expecting a baby!

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