Baby: Daisy Beatrix Amber
Mum: jude


Daisy Beatrix Amber Sutton was born on 23/02/2016 at 8.28am in birthing pool at Brighton hospital, weighing 8lbs1oz. The pool and midwives were lovely! Marc was great, supplying me with countless cups of water (and tissues, yes I had a rotten cold!). Using gas & air and doing yoga breathing/oo-ing is thirsty work!

The actual birth was pretty quick- about 6 hours from first contraction to birth. The water birth went well, but despite trying everything I had to have surgery to remove my placenta. It was high up inside and wouldn't budge. I had two nights in hospital as I lost blood, but it feels like a lifetime ago already! I am feeling tired but good. Daisy is gorgeous and Arthur is doing really well adapting to being a big brother.

Clare, I am so, so glad I went to your classes for both pregnancies. The breathing/yoga just kicked in instinctively when labour started. I got into the zone and as the contractions got stronger I would do golden breath breathing (v. deeply at times!) and moo/ooh (a super fully charged moo when she came out!!) which helped so much.

Thank you for being such a warm, knowledgeable and caring teacher.

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