Baby: Fionn
Mum: Johanna


My baby boy (my first baby) arrived bang on due date, Feb. 23rd 2015 (3,4kg, 50cm). I spent all time during labour on all fours which surprised me, as during our classes I always thought it's very hard to do and wondered, will I ever manage to do that for hours!? But it really helped and so did the breathing. Funny enough everything went so fast, I had no time for birthing pool, pain relieve, not to mention aroma therapy. Labour kicked off around 4am, then around an hour later my waters broke and by 9am we arrived in the hospital. I must have been far dilated and my contractions were really strong. I was super vocal and I tried to really get the Ooooo steer the energy in the right direction. Everything happened so fast, to be on all fours was all I could think of and really did it for me. I even crawled out of the lift on my all fours and straight into the closest labour room! Apparently I scared some men out of that lift too haha!! Two hours later at 11:15 my cute and healthy baby boy Fionn was born. :D Totally natural!! So happy. 

I want to thank you for all the great support I had through your yoga classes. It really helped on every level throughout my pregnancy and birth. You are an amazing yoga teacher. Thanks!!

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