Baby: Woody
Mum: Clare


I just wanted to let you know we completed our crew with a little boy!

He was born on the 6th August - 9 days late and the night before I was due to be induced. My waters went in the afternoon in the middle of wish park - all very exciting - and we headed to hospital about 7pm. When I arrived I was 4cm and my contractions were getting stronger. I went straight up to the pool, where I had an amazing labour with the room only lit with fairy lights, my own lovely music, 2 very calm and lovely midwives and my husband to feed me water and for emotional support.

It was my 3rd labour - so I knew what to expect but that doesn't change the intensity or the need to focus and remember what the pain is for. I used everything you had helped us to practise and familiarise ourselves with at yoga which kept me calm and it was everything I wanted it to be. Woody was born at 10.30pm weighing 9lb10 - my long awaited water birth finally happened! My advice - relax, breath, believe in your body and listen to Clare!

So chuffed to now be the mum of 2 girls and a boy. Perfect... Now we are done! Thank you so much for everything.

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