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Breastfeeding Course:

Everything you need to know about feeding your newborn. It's amazing how many of us attend an antenatal preparation course to learn how to birth our babies, and yet so few of us learn about breastfeeding before we have our babies in our arms.

This bespoke breastfeeding course is designed for any mother wishing to breastfeed her baby, whether it is their first, or they have had children before. This course will take you from the moment your baby is born until breastfeeding has been established.

You will learn how to get things off to the very best start and to support the early post-partum days of nourishing your newborn. We will help to dispel some myths about breastfeeding and give you the tools to solve some common issues in the early days.

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Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop
Anahata Clinic, Brighton
18th March, 22nd April, 27th May & 24th June 2018


Preparing To Breastfeed 
Uckfield & Tunbridge Wells
5th May & 7th July 2018