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  • Booking is essential to reserve your space in our popular Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Women's Yoga & WiggleBums classes - just click 'Sign In' below and follow the instructions.
  • It is best to tick the box to sat yes to 'receive emails & notifications' - so the system can send you confirmation of your booking and reminders before class. By booking in to reserve your space you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We do not share emails or personal info with any other third parties.
  • If you purchase a package of classes, please note that these are ONLY VALID with the teacher you purchased them with, and CANNOT be used to attend classes with multiple teachers. 
  • If the class below has 'WaitList' by it, it means it is full - and by adding your name to the class you are adding yourself to the Wait List only. You will only get a space in class if someone else cancels and if that happens, you will be notified by an additional email. Please wait for that email before coming to class.
  • Please arrive at least 5-10mins before the start of class so we can begin promptly.