Clare Maddalena

LushTums founder, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT), doula and mother of two, has taught over 5000 women since becoming a yoga teacher back in 2003. She teaches tried and tested essential birthing techniques inspired by yoga and various mindfulness courses, including NLP and life coaching. Clare is also the SYT on all our teacher training courses.
Clare Maddalena (Yoga Haven, The Grand Studio, Bird Studio)

Clair Edwards Pregnancy Yoga teacher

Clair Edwards

Clair is a former dancer and practiced yoga alongside her training and beyond. She is interested in the positive effect exercise and relaxation can have on our mental well-being and how important this is during pregnancy for mother and baby. Clair also teaches postnatal yoga classes too!
Unit 4 & Bird Studio

Mae Dewsbery Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Mae Dewsbery

At the age of 4 Mae watched her brother being born at home. This life-changing event sparked her passion for the wonderful process of childbirth. Having had 3 children of her own with 3 very different labours, Mae understands the uniqueness of every labour and is keen to use her knowledge and experience to empower other mothers-to-be and help them on their journey to becoming a mum.
07947 217807


Kim Persson

Kim is a doula, mother of two, and teaches pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Her own experiences of pregnancy and birth fuelled her need to support women during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She is continually amazed by women’s strength and beauty as they go through the transition of becoming a mother.

Kim Persson

Welcome to LushTums Brighton & Hove

You’ll find a range of classes here to help you be healthy and fit during pregnancy, informed and prepared for birth and safe and supported as a new mother. 

Our teachers provide nourishing and active classes in stunning venues all across the city. Use our timetable to pick a session that suits you - then press 'Sign In' to reserve your space - bring cash along to pay your teacher directly unless otherwise directed. 

Be sure to arrive 5-10 mins before class to get yourself settled and so we can start on time.

New to yoga? That's ok! Everyone is welcome. Wear comfy clothes you can move around in, bring a bottle of water. If you have any other questions read our FAQs.  

Thank you for checking out LushTums - we hope you enjoy your classes!

Lushtums classes on offer in brighton and hove:

Prepare for Birth (intensive 4hr course)

Join us for our one-off intensive birth preparation course & meet other expectant couples. Ideal for first time parents but also suitable for parents wishing to have a refresher. 

Dates for 2018: Sunday 21st January, 15th April, 10th June, 22nd July, 9th September, 14th October, 25th November. 

£150 per expectant mama and her birth partner. Or book in advance for the early bird rate of £120, saving yourself £30! Booking essential - as very popular. 

Just find the date on our Timetable and book in now or email for a 1-2-1 appointment for £225 which can be held at your convenience.

Prepare for Breastfeeding (intensive 3hr course)

Join the fabulous Trudi Dawson for our top notch antenatal education on breastfeeding - showing you everything you need to know to help get this right and find support if it is more tricky than expected. Trudi's 3hr course is informative and shoots from the hip (or boob, should we say!) and be something on every expectant mums list of things to do!

Dates for 2018: 13th January, 10th February, Sunday March 18th, Sunday April 22nd, Sunday 27th May, Sunday 24th June

Sign up for Prepare for Birth (usually £150) AND Prepare for Breastfeeding (usually £75) and pay just £175!! SAVE £50 NOW!!!!

Birth 'n' Baby Course

OR sign up for our Birth 'n' Baby Course run in partnership with BABIES-Parentskool helping you to prepare for the birth (wth us) and for the practicalities of having and caring for a baby (with BABIES). 

£275 per couple / £235 for a single person. BOOK NOW - find out more now here.

Doula Services

Finding an additional layer of support for birth and beyond - Kim and Mae are our local Doula team, contact them directly for details.


"I'm back again for my third pregnancy! It really makes such a difference. If I don't come to class I really feel it. I have to say your Birth Preparation Course was better than NCT and so much cheaper - thanks so much, we both loved it. I also really enjoyed the postnatal classes I did with my babies and once they were big enough, the Women's Yoga classes were pure sanctuary. I'm always telling everyone about LushTums!"
Helen, Brighton

"I highly recommend LushTums classes. They gave me a bit of me time each week and I put our fantastic home birth down to the breathing and movement techniques I learned."
Sarah, Hove

"My husband and I found the LushTums Preparing for Birth course exceptional. We had already decided to also partake in the standard NCT class and now we have experienced both I can't stress how much better I found Clare's course in terms of actual techniques and coping strategies. It was far more real and less text book. Alongside the course I have been attending the LushTums pregnancy yoga classes and these have altered my perception of labour and birth in such a positive way. I would recommend any mums-to-be to invest in some 'you and baby' time. It's been so invaluable to me (and our baby) and I would highly recommend the LushTums programme in all capacities".
Carrie, Brighton