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LushTums Classes & Courses on offer in Cheshire & Stockport:

Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation Classes

Enjoy wonderful active, informative and nourishing pregnancy yoga classes to help you feel more comfortable as pregnancy progresses and help you prepare for birth by learning the key tools of how to breathe, move and relax through labour. Suitable from 15 weeks if you are new to yoga right up to when your baby comes.

Antenatal Education Courses

Ideal for pregnant women and their birth partner. This course runs over two 2.75 hour sessions and is a small group to allow an informal and personal approach. As a trained and experienced Midwife and Public Health Nurse, as well as a LushTums Pregnancy Yoga teacher Suzanne is able to draw on knowledge and experience to combine the science of birth with tried and tested yoga breathing, moving and relaxation techniques and share this knowledge and experience with you and your birth partner. I hope to empower you both, to work confidently together towards a positive birth experience, making the right decisions for you in the moment and help you plan your transition into the fourth trimester as new parents with your baby at home. 

Nutrition and Nurture 

In collaboration with Nurture and Nutrition a further short course delivered by a Certified Lactation Consultant focusses on breast feeding. This explains normal feeding behaviour, starting breast feeding, maintaining breast feeding, troubleshooting any problems that commonly arise, and interestingly incorporates many other important aspects of life with a new baby such as sleep, attachment, bonding, crying and normal baby behaviour. A fabulous preparation for you and your support partner for the early hours, days, weeks and months with your new baby. For more info or to book see https://www.nutritionandnurture.co.uk

Mini first aid 

A 2 hour course for all parents and carers, ideal to take in pregnancy before your baby is born. £20pp or £36 for 2 persons, £54 for 3persons. Contact Suzanne for more info or to book in for Thursday 11 July 8-10pm, Bramhall.

Baby Massage Courses - International Association of Infant Massage Courses for all parents and babies

Baby Massage is so much more than simply learning massage strokes for your baby ~ Baby Massage is an interaction; a gentle communication through nurturing touch, eye contact and voice that is built up slowly and in synchrony with your baby over time through observation, asking permission, reading and responding to cues, touch communication and finally completion. With this attunement come many benefits to Baby, Parent and family - see here http://www.iaimbabymassage.co.uk/suzannewild for more details and course start dates, times, prices and locations.

Baby Mindful- part of the acclaimed Relax Kids program

Baby Mindful classes support parent and baby wellbeing during the early weeks and months with your new baby. Becoming a parent to a new baby is a natural event which often comes with a multitude of joys, challenges, feelings and changes to navigate. Baby Mindful classes offer all parents a safe and supportive space away from the distractions of life to explore these changes, to be mindful of your baby and to establish or grow the connection between you and your baby. The class nurtures natural development through gentle structured activities and ends with a relaxation for you to enjoy together. An opportunity for you all to enjoy connection, calm and contentment. 

Small classes for babies from birth to 6 months and from 6-12 months. Book in to see what it's all about - you can book a free class for you all before your baby is 6 weeks old. Classes are in Bramhall on Fridays and Poynton on Mondays. For more info and reviews visit here or email Suzanne.

Postnatal Yoga Classes for Mum & Baby

Essential for all new mums to help recovery post pregnancy and post birth. Strengthen your body, deep core and pelvic floor with your baby by side! Meet other lovely mums and create community together. Suitable from 6 weeks post vaginal delivery or 8 weeks post caesarian.

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  • Please be aware that packages of 5 Classes have a 6 week expiry and packages of 10 Classes have a 3 month expiry. Be sure to use up all your classes in the time allocated.

Prices & packages

Pregnancy Yoga

  • Drop in class £11

  • 5 class pass £52 (expires 6 weeks)

  • 10 class pass £95 (expires 3 months)

Baby Massage Courses - for Mums and for Dads

  • 6 x 90min classes £65

  • Includes simple refreshments, a bottle of massage oil to take home, a detailed instruction handout & graduation certificate

  • Book 3 weeks in advance and save £5

Baby Massage & Postnatal Yoga Class Package (x 5 classes of each)

  • £91

Postnatal Yoga

  • Drop in £10

  • 5 classes £45 (expires 6 weeks)

  • 10 classes £85 (expires 3 months)

Baby Mindful

  • 6 classes £39

  • 12 classes £72

Antenatal Education Course - Prepare for Birth & Baby

  • £115 per couple

  • £100 per couple early bird discount, book and paid 1 month in advance

  • Next dates: 2nd&9th September,

    11th&18th November

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase the Antenatal Education course PLUS 10 Pregnancy Yoga classes and get 2 Pregnancy classes for FREE!!!! (simply select both packages when you book and email Suzanne to add your 2 free classes!)

Baby Massage & Postnatal Yoga Class Package (x 6 classes of each)

  • £107

  • £102 Early Bird (bought 3 weeks before)

Class locations

Orange Bloom Studio
Brook Street
Hazel Grove

The Centre 
107 Park Lane Poynton
SK12 1RB

Cheadle Hulme Chapel Holistics.
21c The Precinct shopping Centre, Cheadle Hulme, sk85bb

Council Chamber
Civic Centre
Park Lane
SK12 1RB

The Village Club
2 Melbourne Road

Bramhall Library

Bramhall Lane South


meet your Teacher

Suzanne Wild

Suzanne is delighted to be LushTums Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher and IAIM trained Baby Massage Instructor with a background including midwifery and public health nursing. Pregnancy and motherhood are a wondrous journey with joys and challenges; through yoga and baby massage classes she loves to see women develop physical and emotional strength and resilience for pregnancy, birth and beyond.


07738 564666

I had quite a stop, start latent phase (including having a few twinges at yoga on Thursday night!!) but the active/established phase was very quick. The gas and air was great but the breathing exercises, figure of 8 circling on all 4s and the oooooh breaths were my to go to strategies and worked an absolute treat! My midwife even commented on my breathing! Thank you, Suz, for everything you taught me!