Bridgeham Clinic, Crawley

Practitioners all based at Bridgeham with experience in pre and post natal treatments:  Trevor Strutt osteopath, Jo Strutt Pilates instructor, Steve Young and Gordon Skeats massage therapists.

Osteopath Clemence treats both antental and postnatal conditions including Pelvic Girdle Pain, back, neck/shoulder pain and also treats babies and children.

Acupuncturist Selena offers treatments during pregnancy including induction treatements and postnatal Mother Warming treatments. Selena also treats babies.

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Gemma Pilkington, Women's Health Physiotherapist of GP Physiotherapy.

Gemma specialises in pelvic floor health during pregnancy and antenatally and can assess, treat and educate on all things pelvic floor including Pelvic Girdle Pain, low/mid back and pelvic pain, joint pain, postural issues and Diastasis Rectus (tummy gap). Gemma also offers Mummy MOT's to new mothers in the early weeks post birth.


Natalie Wickenden, Clinical Hypnotherapists of Clarity Hypnotherapy.

Natalie offers Hypnobirthing and Calmer Childbirth courses and can also support you with stress, anxiety and sleep difficulties.,