Frequently Asked Questions for New Students to Class

I’ve never done any yoga before, is that ok?

No previous yoga experience is necessary! In fact we estimate that around 80-90% of our students are brand new to yoga when they come along to our classes and they love it! Come along and give it a go and hopefully you will too!! A few things to note include: Pregnancy Yoga classes are suitable for complete beginners from 15/16 weeks onwards, until you go into labour. If you have a previous, regular yoga practice you may wish to continue moving and can swap to a pregnancy yoga class as soon as you feel ready to do so - and be sure to practice adhering to the general modification safety guidelines and do's and don'ts suggested for pregnancy. Postnatal Yoga classes are suitable for new mums from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery. If you have had a caesarean delivery, please wait 8 weeks for some additional healing to take place. It’s a good idea to check with your Doctor or midwife before practicing. Women's (or Mother's Yoga) classes are suitable for all mother's and also women who haven't had children or had them a while ago, who wish to connect with other women, enjoy deepening their yoga practice and work deeply on the pelvic floor and core stability (helping with back ache and general pelvic floor health). WiggleBums & WiggleKids classes are suitable for children from the age of 1 or toddlers onwards and their grown ups, right through to primary aged children.

How often should I practice?

Most people come to a class every week. However, to get the most out of your practice it’s recommended to come along 2 or 3 times a week if you can.

I practiced yoga regularly before pregnancy, will this be too boring or too slow for me?

We get a lot of yoga done! Don't worry!! Plus all our classes are tailored to suit everyone in attendance, so everyone is welcome. Sometimes classes are more active, sometimes more nourishing. Also as pregnancy progresses it is a good idea to listen to your body and adapt your practice so you are working safely, given how hard your body is already working to grow your baby! Basically when you are sitting, your body is actually jogging… so take it easy! Classes will show you how to modify your existing practice and add in particular sequences that are helpful for your baby’s positioning and for birth itself. You can also make your practice stronger, as suits you. Just come along and have a chat with your teacher.

What is yoga?

Practicing yoga gives you a constant - something we can come back to when all around us is in change. Through this practice we move, breathe and relax. We become quieter, more mindful and have an opportunity for deep reflection, which can be enlightening and liberating and bring about a sense of balance and well-being. You can think of it as exercise and a moving meditation.

Classes help you feel energised and stronger and at the same time settle the mind, reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Overall yoga and its deeper philosophy provide a guidebook to living well and feeling great. It is not religious in itself, although it has its roots in various Eastern practices. We have taken the best aspect of traditional yoga and blended it with science and women's health, to bring you the very best in yoga tailored for pregnancy, birth preparation and life as a new mum. Come along to try it for yourself!

Do I need a yoga mat?

All of our teachers will provide you with a yoga mat and some blankets and pillows so you can be more comfortable. If you prefer to bring your own that’s fine.

What do I wear?

Wear loose, comfy clothes you can move around in on your mat - leggings and a t-shirt is fine. You don’t need anything too sporty or specific, just be comfy.

What shall I bring?

Bring a bottle of water with you.

Can I eat before class?

If you feel tired or light headed eat a banana or little snack before class - that’s fine.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 5-10mins BEFORE the class start time, so you can get settled and we can begin promptly. Thanks! Late arrival may mean the doors have been locked and you may be charged as if attended. Likewise anyone who cancels within 12hrs of the class will also be charged as if attended - please review our cancellation policy.

What does being on the Wait List mean?

If a class is full the timetable will explain there is a Wait List only for it. You can Sign In to reserve your space on the Wait List. Then if someone in the class cancels their space, you will be notified that you now have a space in the class - be sure to wait for this notification confirming that you have now been removed from the waitlist to the class, before coming along.


It's quickest and most reliable if you click to sign in via your location timetable. Look in the top right of the timetable and click My Account or log in via your device to the app. Once logged in, you can find all the classes you have scheduled yourself in for. There you are able to cancel your reservations for any or all classes. We can not accept cancelations by email or text. Please note our cancelation policy available here - terms and conditions.

i need to contact to my teacher

If you have any questions about class, where to park, what to bring, or wish to let your teacher know anything else about you before you begin classes, please contact your teacher DIRECTLY. You'll find your teachers contact details under each location section under Yoga Classes. Just find your location, you teacher and their details are there. We usually prefer email, however, if it is an emergency feel free to text or call.

can my package of classes worK across multiple teachers/venues?

Generally NO. Every teacher is an independent, self-employed, sole trader. As such, we all operate individually and manage separate finances. Please buy classes, packages of classes and/or courses with each teacher directly. You can alway do a drop in with other teachers, or buy additional packages with them, if you wish to practice more often.  To avoid any confusion, please note that any package bought with one teacher, can not be redeemed with another. The only exceptions to this are classes that are run in Brighton & Hove and also those run in Haywards Heath, where you can buy packages of classes with any teacher and use them across all venues.

What are these tick boxes and questions?

Please tick the boxes to receive emails and notifications, so the booking system can automatically remind you about your classes or changes in the schedule. Please also indicate which is your nearest class when you register and if you’d like to receive occasional news emails from your teacher with inspirational news, special offers and discounts. We'd love to keep in touch!

Should I follow you on social media?

Yes please! Sometimes you can't make it to class, however our social communities online will continue to provide on-going support and inspiration! We are very active on Facebook - with a main LushTums page and then local ones for each area. It's a great way to stay up to date and of course to connect in with other's in the community, ask for advice or share your tips. We also love Instagram and are getting to grips with Pinterest and Twitter! We'd be delighted to connect with you. Oh and by the way, remember to sign up for our newsletter, so you catch our special offers!

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