Become a LushTums franchisee teacher and enjoy a Life Changing Experience

LushTums teachers, enjoy a work-life balance that really works around a growing family or other commitments. Our full training enables you to run your own successful classes in your area, fully supported by the rest of the LushTums family!


Our teachers all tell us that training with us is transformational and changes their lives for the better!

Training to become a specialised LushTums teacher enables you to offer a range of classes, courses or retreats to support and help women (and their families) during pregnancy, as they prepare for birth, postnatally and during life as a mother. We also have extended training opportunities you can pursue later to train to teach children aged 1-16 years our fun, interactive yoga & sensory WiggleBums classes.

We are looking for passionate individuals to train with us and set up as franchisees in their geographical area to help us bring the best in this evidence based, nurturing specialism to women and their families everywhere.

This is a real industry, with a real need, which we have been part of for over a decade. Join us now and you can be part of it our growing LushTums 'family' of expert teachers too - and create for yourself a rewarding and profitable career offering flexibility and even part-time hours to work around your growing family or other commitments.

Our approach really can give you the ultimate 'life-work' balance we all deserve!

Over the last few years we have grown organically to 30 teachers in 18 locations around the UK to bring the benefits of our classes to thousands of women everywhere. With classes now in the Netherlands and Canada we hope to reach out to more women around the world too.


About the business franchise opportunity

On completing your training with us, you will receive comprehensive support and undergo an enablement programme including mentoring to help you establish successful classes in your area as part of the LushTums Teachers Community. You will receive numerous advantages including:

  • Benefit from the experience of a tried and tested business model that's been successfully established for well over ten years, saving you time and set-up costs and reducing the risks of starting something new.
  • We will give you all the tools you need to launch your own business successfully in your area - including personalised pages on our website, email account and CRM system (customer booking and relationship management software).
  • Receive a complete action plan - a step-by-step guide taking you over a 12 week set up programme. This will support you on the 'how, where, and why' - covering everything you need to achieve profitability with your own pregnancy yoga / antenatal education / postnatal yoga company - and give you the ability to add on additional services as you grow your reach by launching in hypno-birthing, preparing for baby, baby massage and WiggleBums (if you wish!).
  • New Venue Proposals and Execution Strategies – the precise actions you’ll need to approach new venues with confidence.
  • Need a top up or chance to learn more?! Shadow one of our expert teachers, observing them teach their classes and gain practical insights in holding a welcoming, safe space for women on their journeys through pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. 
  • Receive access to our beautifully designed Marketing Materials and pictures – just use ours, and you won’t need to create anything else (unless you want to).
  • Personalised Support – because we want you to succeed we know that you will have questions, concerns and more. When you contact us you will always be answered by our Teachers Support Manager personally and will always have access to the Senior Teaching team. We consider all our teachers to be part of our growing “family” of LushTums and will always be there for you.
  • Our enablement programme helps you to focus on developing as a teacher, growing your own community of students and doing the work which makes a difference to the women we engage with, their families and ultimately, the fabric of society itself (yep, this has huge positive impacts on our communities for ourselves and our children and their futures).
  • And while as your own boss you can enjoy all the benefits of driving your own business forward whilst enjoying 'flexible' working, you are also part of a tribe of teachers, who work together to support, encourage and inspire each other every day.
  • Know, we are here to help you further your professional development and be the best teacher you can be.

So if you are looking for a rewarding new career which is flexible and family-friendly, get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Disciplines you can offer:

Our teacher training programmes regularly run in London, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester - during the week and over long weekends. Future programmes are scheduled for Northern Ireland and abroad.

If you are already qualified in any of the above specialisms - maybe you are a yoga teacher or midwife or doula already - but wish to join LushTums all the same, then please get in touch too. We'd love to hear from you and can tailor a bespoke package to welcome you to LushTums. Contact us for more details.


"Our teachers come from all walks of life. They include mums, midwifes, doulas, hypno-birth practitioners, yoga teachers, executives and more... everyone is simply passionate about helping others and creating a career they love."