Become a franchisee - have a successful & rewarding career helping women have positive experiences during Pregnancy, Birth and life as a New Mother

We hope to share our approach and ethos to help more women everywhere from pregnancy to motherhood, through our ethical franchise business opportunity. This encompasses a thorough teacher training experience and on-going business mentoring programme to help you become a successful expert in this field. 

We have grown organically over the last few years to nearly 50 teachers all over the UK, Holland and Canada. In the last year alone, we have taught over 120,000 women! Our mission - contributing to a long-term positive social change; one baby, one family at a time.


Which training is right for me?

We offer a fantastic opportunity for you to become a specialist expert and build your own successful business as a LushTums and/or WiggleBums teacher.

LushTums Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation Training enables you to become an expert in this specialism. You can teach classes that encompass our unique approach to pregnancy yoga, which always includes birth preparation information and practices tailored to meet the needs of the women in the class. You will also be qualified to teach Antenatal Education courses to expectant mothers and their birth partners. We call these courses Prepare for Birth. You can hold parent-to-be and new parent meet ups, events and even lucrative retreats. All this combines to create an immensely rewarding career for yourself. This training takes 12 weeks to complete. After your first 5 days intensive training with us, you are ready to begin teaching practice classes as you soft launch into your community.

Once you have been teaching for around six months, you will then complete your LushTums Postnatal Yoga Training. Perfectly timed as your pregnant students will want to continue their mum & baby yoga classes with you. Once you complete this training module, you will be able to teach active, nourishing and progressive postnatal yoga classes to mums (with babies too!) to help them regain full health and strength post birth. You can also teach Mother's Yoga classes which is our unique women's only yoga classes for any one who has ever had children or those who are planning to get pregnant. The focus in this training is using yoga practices to help restore the core, pelvic floor and general health both physically, mentally and emotionally for mother's at any stage in life - something all women can benefit from. Again after your first 5 days intensive training, you will be ready to begin your practice postnatal classes and begin to build your business adding these classes to your schedule.

AND/OR, you can train as a WiggleBums and WiggleKids yoga, sensory & mindfulness teacher. This enables you to teach preschoolers (aged 1-4) with their parents in independent classes or within nursery & pre-school environments and also teach primary school children (age 4-12) within school, after school clubs and independent classes. Classes are imaginative and tailored to meet the needs of the children in the class and include yoga, movement, mindfulness, breath work, relaxations, story, creativity, importance of language, positive parenting and playful resources to explore. Keep working with your families for the long term. 

Most of our teachers begin their journey with LushTums developing their franchise business in Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga as described above. Once you have been teaching LushTums classes for a year, there is an opportunity for you to go on and train as a WiggleBums & WiggleKids teacher as well. If this is not for you, we will recruit a WiggleBums & WiggleKids teacher in your area, so you can work as a team together to jointly build up a LushTums & WiggleBums presence in your community. 

Who can become a LushTums and/or WiggleBums teacher? 

Our teachers come from all walks of life - lawyers, producers, executives, teachers, midwives, doulas, hypno-birthers, yoga teachers, massage therapists and more. Some are mothers, some are not! Some like yoga, many are new to it. What they all have in common is a desire to set up their own business and work with women and children during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Our rigorous application process ensures all our trainees are of the highest caliber and have the ability to complete our training to the standard of excellence that we require. Whilst we provide full and in-depth training in each of our core disciplines and an on-going support and enablement programme to help you focus and grow as a business leader in your own right, we do require that you have the energy, mindset, time and resources to deliver too.

About the business franchise opportunity

On completing your training with us, you will receive support, mentoring and enablement to help you establish successful classes. Industry shows that 80% of all new businesses fail within the first year - however if you stick to our tried and tested methodology, as a LushTums and/or WiggleBums franchisee teacher, not only is your investment completely recouped in the first year, but you are also profitable and growing. 

Once established in your designated area, you can expect to earn around £80-£130 per class. Most teachers aim to teach at least 6 classes per week which averages you a monthly turnover of around £2,800. There are also opportunities to increase your revenue streams by promoting our online resources and shop, running courses, meet ups, events and retreats - there really is no limit to the possibilities. 

About our training & support

Combining evidence-based science, psychotherapy and ancient yoga traditions, our courses are fascinating and in-depth, all delivered by expert teachers with between 10-20 years experience each in their own fields. Enjoy our contact days together learning everything you need to know regarding teaching methods, yoga, mindfulness, women, pregnancy, birth, anatomy and physiology, babies, children and parenting. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group for additional support. Many find the training experience a transformative one in itself. Once completed you will have full access to our private teachers online resources centre and book in for monthly 121 sessions with a senior member of the team to help you focus and grow your business, whilst feeling fully supported yourself on your journey to realising your business potential. 

Our ethos - why LushTums

Our teachers happily tell us, "there is nothing out there like LushTums!" - a big part of what we offer, is creating communities for new parents and parents-to-be to connect and meet each other. Therefore, it is important to us that we create community amongst our teacher franchisees as well, who feel part of something special, something bigger, that we are all collectively working towards - making the world a better place, one mama, one baby, one family, one community at a time. 

Research and evidence shows us that the positive differences we make during pregnancy, birth and the early years, can lead to much more powerful and effective social and sustainability change, than any economic or political reform policy could. We believe the power is with the parents to help make the world a better place and there really is no time like the present to get these wheels in motion.

The investment

Become a LushTums franchisee teacher and deliver classes in Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation teacher and Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby & Women's Yoga. Enabling you to create an all round business, working with your mums not only throughout pregnancy and birth but also continuing on with them during life as a new mother in those early years. Become a LushTums teacher and receive full in-depth training, receive our business set up franchise package, on-going supporting mentoring and be part of our fantastic community of teachers for an investment of £12,000.

Anyone beginning on their journey who wishes to train as a WiggleBums teacher only at this stage, as described above, can do so for an investment of £7000.

Alternatively, become a LushTums AND WiggleBums franchisee teacher for just £15,000 - saving £4000 straight away.

We currently have an option to train as a LushTums Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation teacher only, for £7000. If you are interested in this option, you must apply for trainings happening later this year, by the end of July 2018, after which time this option will no longer be available. 

We can discuss all aspects of our franchisee teacher opportunities and how we suggest you develop and grow your business in more detail during your Discovery Call session with one of our founders.

Other things to know - we also suggest you have a buffer of around £1,000 to help you during your first year with your set up expenses such as room hire costs.

Once you are fully trained and ready to go, you earn all of your income less a small monthly franchise fee to cover all the support we provide. You do receive the first three months support for FREE to give you time to launch and get underway. Then after that the nominal monthly fee commences. For most teachers this falls within the region of around £90-£165 per month and covers over £1000 worth of benefits that you receive including having your own area on our website, booking software, mentoring and support. Your clients can book in for your classes easily online via our website or through our beautifully branded app - the admin and process fee for online payments is also quite as nominal as possible at just 7.5% per transaction. At the end of the month we then send you over a report showing everything you have earned that month, less your franchise and online payments fee - and then send you your money direct into your account.

Needing finance? We can introduce you to some high street banks that we work with, who have approved the LushTums and WiggleBums business model. They guarantee to provide you with a business loan to support you and your new business venture with us - subject to your credit score. Please ask about this opportunity upon application.

If interested in applying for a discount, we offer 1 half price 'karma' place on every course as part of our commitment to making this accessible. Please let us know if you are in financially need upon application.

What next?

Please complete the initial the request for more info form to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think you would make a great LushTums and/or WiggleBums franchisee teacher. Once received and reviewed, if successful, we will schedule a Discovery Session with one of our team or founders. This is a 121 session which lasts up to 1.5hours where you can ask all the questions that you need to and gives us an opportunity to check in with you to see if you are also a right fit for us. It's great if we can do these session over Skype or FaceTime. Once everyone is happy and you are ready to proceed, we will take you through the final application process and book you on to the next available slot on our training dates.



    "This course has changed my life. I now realise the importance of this work and how it can have such a positive impact on the women we work with. I've gone on toothed trainings elsewhere, but nothing compares to LushTums. It has also been fantastic to move away from a full time executive position in London, which meant commuting and working long hours, to working hours that suit me and my family and staying local to home." Kate, LushTums Teacher, Haywards Heath, Sussex
    "Classes started as soon as my training was complete and were immediately filled. Since then I've gone from strength to strength and trained in all the LushTums and WiggleBums disciplines to offer a space for women from pregnancy until their children finishing primary school. Such a great journey to be part of." Sarah, LushTums & WiggleBums teacher, Abergavenny
    "So happy with LushTums and the level of professionalism and support I have received. To be profitable and have recouped my training investment within the first year has been amazing. I thoroughly appreciate all the business support I have had and can't wait to expand with more classes this year." Clair, LushTums teacher, Bristol
    "Clare and the team are inspirational! So open with sharing their knowledge and experience. I really benefitted from their combined years of experience and am so delighted to be part of this. I love working with the new mothers - it's such a crucial time for them and their babies." Claire, LushTums Teacher, Ayrshire, Scotland
    "I loved this training! So fascinating to connect with new mothers and their experiences at this time. I feel confident to hold a space for them and offer expert yoga and rejuvenating practices to them. Teaching with LushTums has opened up a whole new career for me." Clair, LushTums Teacher, Brighton, East Sussex
    “Working with LushTums over the last few years has given me new ideas to use in my practice as a midwife and I love teaching with Clare on all the courses. I’d recommend LushTums training to everyone because I love the combination of science and yoga - everything we teach at LushTums is underpinned with the latest research and findings.” Kate Thorman, Midwife, King's College, London & Lead Tutor on the course       





    OCT MON 8 - FRI 12 & NOV MON 19 - WED 21 2018  BRISTOL
    NOV MON 5 - FRI 9 & DEC MON 10 - WED 12 2018  LONDON
    JAN MON 14 - FRI 18 & MARCH WED 6 - FRI 8 2019  MANCHESTER


    OCT MON 1 - FRI 5 & NOV MON 12 - WED 14 2018 BRIGHTON 
    FEB MON 11 - FRI 15 & MARCH WED 27 - FRI 29 2019  BRISTOL
    APRIL MON 1 - FRI 5 & MAY WED 8 - 10 2019  LONDON
    MAY MON 20 - FRI 24 & JULY MON 8 - WED 10 2019 MANCHESTER


    JUNE 11-15 / JULY 16-18 - so nice to be beside the seaside, in sunny Brighton!

    OCT 15-19 FRI 19 / NOV 26-28 - venue and location TBC, promises to be stunning! Retreat location. Register your interest now!

    Contact us to find out more today and register your interest for more info!


    In addition to training with LushTums in pregnancy, birth and postnatal yoga, you can also join WiggleBums, our sister company specialising in yoga for children (aged 1-4 and 5-16) with mindfulness, mediation, sensory, play & story! Find out more here!