We are delighted to be launching this remarkable and fascinating teacher training opportunity, with our founder’s sister, Patricia Maddalena. Patricia has been developing this for over twenty years and is the presenter, therapist and coach on Transformation TV.

Designed to teach you up to 20 key processes that you can use to help yourself and others heal - heal from past trauma and peak experiences - to bring the fractured personality, or the disassociated self, back to wholeness.

Where as many other therapies will leave you simply looking at your experiences and issues, these processes actually help you to reintegrate fully, enabling you to truly move forward with your life - and then help others recover from peak or traumatic experiences, deal with shame and blame, guilt and loss.

Gone are the days where regurgitating past traumas are thought to help people. Now through this pioneering approach, those using therapy to work through issues have a way of finding deep resolution and healing. Enabling them to fully move forward in their lives.

With countless case studies behind her, we look forward to sharing this with you, so you too an support and help others. Together we can make the world a better place!


  • March 8th 6-9pm, 9th & 10th 10-5.30pm

  • March 29th 6-9pm, 30th & 31st 10-5.30pm

  • May 17th 6-9pm, 18th & 18th 10-5.30pm

Autumn course dates coming soon for Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham - register your interest today.

Open to all applicants; no previous experience necessary to complete this training opportunity.

For more information, pop across to our Living Free website where you will find full details.