WiggleBums & WiggleKids

In 2016 we developed a pioneering approach to teaching yoga to toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children. Now we have 15 teachers around the UK teaching fabulous classes in venues, nurseries and schools - helping the next generation have key tools for life including developing emotional intelligence.

Going beyond regular baby sensory, kids yoga or play classes, WiggleBums & WiggleKids enables parents & carers to connect with themselves more fully in their role and in turn enables better connection and bonding with their children.

Classes are carefully and creatively crafted, fun & exploratory using yoga, play and sensory for children aged 1 to pre-schooler and their grown ups! Classes have also successfully been launched in nurseries and schools around the UK for children up to aged 12.

Our approach to offering yoga to children is creative and inspirational, encouraging:

  • Exercise through movement, play, music, exploration and story-telling.

  • Mindfulness through breathing, pausing, visualisation and relaxations.

  • Enable children to grow happy and their parents and carers to understand the immense power and impact our thoughts, words and behaviour have on children.

  • Helps children feel secure, increasing their confidence and reducing anxiety - the practice developed and taught have tremendous benefits including improving mental and emotional health by teaching effective strategies for wellbeing and happiness - something children can take with them throughout life.

  • All early years accredited - perfect for learning and development too!

Following a familiar structure, each week offers a unique opportunity to explore a new theme through a new story, new resource (from feathers, to instruments, to hula hoops!) and each term a new song.

These classes offer a supportive and nourishing space as much for parents as for little ones to enable everyone to grow to their full potential with deeper relationships and connections with each other. Book your course now!

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