Listen to Lushtums
Guided Mediations
& Bedtime Stories

You can use these guided relaxations during the day if you are taking a nap or at bed time or during the night if you are struggling with sleep. The day time ones will bring you back round and wake you up. The night time ones leave you asleep to enjoy a deep rest.

Ideally be lying down in a warm, comfortable position. We suggest on your left side to help encourage your baby into the optimum foetal position. Press play, close your eyes and follow the practice.

It’s ok to fall asleep or listen and go through the practice. Ideal for mums-to-be who need a bit some quality rest. The relaxation is no more than 20 minutes and will equate to a 3 hour sleep cycle, so helping make up for that interrupted night time sleep!

If you like these, you will find more over at our Beautiful Birth Resources Site.

We hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with your pregnant friends! There is also a couple of fun story times for the kids!