LushTums Training Information

Tens of thousands of pregnant women have enjoyed our classes since 2007. By training to become a LushTums teacher you could join our growing team and bring the best in pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga and mother's yoga to even more women, supporting them during this hugely transformative time. 


Who can train? 

Anyone- everyone is welcome! Our teachers come from all walks of life and include mums, executives, midwives, doulas, hypo-birth practitioners, yoga teachers and massage therapists. What they all have in common is a passion and interest in learning about this specialism. It doesn't matter if you haven't had a baby or don't know anything about yoga - our comprehensive and complete course covers it all.

What will you learn?

Combining evidence-based science, psychotherapy and ancient yoga traditions, our courses are comprehensive and in-depth, and delivered in a way which is grounded, balanced and clear. Enjoy fascinating contact days together learning everything you need to know regarding teaching methods, yoga, women, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenting. And along the way come a little closer to understanding who you are, and what you will bring as a teacher. All training is fully supported by our course tutors who are all experts in their fields, and you will also receive detailed manuals for you to keep and refer back to.

While pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenting are all 'natural', everyday experiences which are for many amazing and life-changing, this is not reality for all women.  Some will find it isolating, exhausting, stressful and overwhelming. Unlike other trainings or approaches, we do not put any 'ideals' about pregnancy, birth or motherhood on any pedestals. Instead we will teach you how to be clear, realistic and open so you are able to fully support the individual women, children and their families, in all of your classes at all times.

At the core of our ethos is the belief that 'everything has a place' - so we honour our students by giving them information on all possible options and outcomes, enabling and empowering them to make their own informed decisions along the way. We are delighted to say that we receive wonderful feedback daily from women all across the UK who love LushTums and what we offer to help them on their journeys - so we hope to bring this know-how and approach to women everywhere.

As the UK's leading experts in this specialism, we have developed a thorough training in three core areas: pregnancy yoga, birth preparation (a complete antenatal education); and postnatal yoga (enabling you to teach both mum and baby classes and women only classes), helping women at whatever stage in life they are. Everyone is required to complete the foundation course first and then either specialise or learn all three disciplines in order to offer a wider variety of classes. It's up to you - just let us know where your interest and passions lie in your application.

Foundation course introduction

Everyone completes the introductory foundation days covering all the background to this work. This includes:

  • A comprehensive review of the history and philosophy of yoga - so you can understand how a traditional practice can be used in today's modern world by women, for pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • An opportunity to look in detail at who are we working with, why people come to class and what we can offer to support them on their journeys
  • We help you take a look at your own journey and psychology to understand yourself a little better, working out who you are and what this means for you and your teaching
  • We teach you to connect deeply with yourself and authentically hold space for others to enable them to explore and connect deeply with themselves too (one could say this is the essence of anyone's yoga practice)
  • Using our tools and through our in-depth training you will expertly be able to teach creative classes fully adapted to suit the individual ladies at each of your classes - keeping your teaching fresh and interesting for you too!
  • Plus a whole host of other fascinating aspects of learning; from language and words, to the beliefs we create and how we see the world around us and how we can use this to inform our teaching too

This in-depth experience ensures you will fully benefit from the LushTums ethos, values and our very much tried and tested approach. The senior tutor on all our courses is our founder, Clare Maddalena, who has been teaching since 2003 and specialised in this area for over a decade.

PREGNANCY YOGA training module

Our packed 100hr syllabus means you will learn everything you need to know to become an expert teacher, including:

  • The LushTums class format, giving you the ideal framework to effortlessly create balanced, active and nurturing classes for your ladies, which will be suitable right up to full term
  • The importance of the Hello Circle and how this helps you create classes which are bespoke and tailored to the women in attendance
  • An extensive range of yoga practices including pranayama (which we tailor for birth and to help women cope with all the big changes going on at this time)
  • Asana (adapted postures and movements that help women as pregnancy progresses) including all the latest information on safety guidelines and helpful do's and don'ts
  • A comprehensive understanding of pregnancy anatomy & physiology so you can understand related ailments and how to effectively modify practices for such contraindications or use practices to promote healing, health and well-being
  • Yoga nidra and visualisations (for deep relaxation and rest) - a much-needed and wonderful close to every class!

After just our first 5 days together, you will be ready to begin your practice classes and start to build your community of pregnant ladies locally. Over the following weeks you will complete several written assignments to help you revise and review all the new information you will receive. You will be required to teach practice classes and observe other pregnancy and birth related classes. During this time, you will be fully supported by your tutors and your community of fellow trainees and assessed and mentored as needed. This training culminates with our final 3 days where we draw everything together and wrap up this module.

ANTENATAL education TRAINING module

LushTums' complete Antenatal Education teacher training course gives you a realistic and down to earth approach to Birth Preparation, so you too can help expectant couples on their journey to birth and beyond. Building on the central premise that when it comes to birth 'everything has a place', we believe the more informed we can help our expectant mums to be, the better equipped they are to handle birth- however it unfolds. As supported by research and evidence, our course is a meeting of science and yoga in a new and innovative way - helping women (and their birth partners) prepare for birth in mind, body and heart. During your training you will learn key yoga practices and techniques that women and their birth partners can use to prepare for birth, during birth and in the early days of life as a new parent. You will be taught how to provide up to date information on all things to do with birth, keeping you at the forefront of this specialism- we don't shy away from any subjects.

What you will learn:

  • Detailed birth anatomy and physiology - what is happening to the body during late pregnancy, birth and postnatally, and how in understanding the science we are more equipped to understand how to use key yoga practices as essential coping mechanisms and tools
  • An in-depth understanding on how the body responds to stress and how we can use particular yoga practices to find calm, in turn helping the birth process along
  • Yoga practices from breathing, movements, relaxation and mindfulness that become the key tools birthing women can use
  • A broader understanding as to the importance of this work and what it means to work with women and their birth partners to fully welcome the babies who are being born

You are required to complete several assignments and reading in your own time to give you an opportunity to revise everything we have covered and put into practice what you have learnt. Once completed, you will be able to run your own Antenatal Education Courses in your area and build a rewarding and flexible business as a LushTums teacher.

postnatal yoga TRAINING module

You will be able to teach nourishing and supportive postnatal mum and baby or women only classes, providing a community for mothers during the ups and downs of early motherhood and an opportunity for them to recover well from pregnancy and birth. Building their core strength and fitness in a progressive and optimal way so they really heal from the inside out and work towards preventing problems with prolapse and incontinence in later life. You will learn:

  • A huge range of practices to help mums recover their strength, regain their shape, relieve achy backs and shoulders and find their inner strength as a new mum
  • Strengthen their pelvic floor and core stability, including how to improve separated tummy muscles and restorative exercises to practice at home
  • You will help them feel calmer, re-energised and more balanced by sharing key mudras, breathing and restorative poses and yoga philosophy as well as more progressive, dynamic practices as your mums regain their fitness
  • We also discuss PND and PTSD and other issues for new mums so you can competently and fully hold this space 
  • You will learn how to engage with the babies through massage and song, and how to include them in the yoga practices to help with attachment and bonding.

Foundation, Pregnancy Yoga & Antenatal Education - BRIGHTON - SOLD OUT

Dates: Mon 20th - Fri 24th Nov & Mon 11th - Wed 13th Dec 2017



Dates: Mon 5th - Fri 9th March & Mon 16th - Wed 18th April 2018


Foundation, Pregnancy Yoga & Antenatal Education- london - APPLY NOW

Dates: Mon 14th - Fri 18th May & Mon 25th - Wed 27th June 2018



Dates: Mon 8th - Fri 12th October & Mon 19th - Wed 21st November 2018 

Additional training dates coming soon for 2018! Register your interest now.


"This course has changed my life. I now realise the importance of this work and how it can have such a positive impact on the women we work with."

Kate, LushTums Teacher, Haywards Heath

"Clare and the team are inspirational! So open with sharing their knowledge and experience. I really  benefitted from their combined years of experience."

Claire, LushTums Teacher, Prestwick

"I loved this course! So fascinating to connect with new mothers and their experiences at this time. I feel confident now to hold a space for them and offer expert healing and rejuvenating practices to them."

Clair, LushTums Teacher, Brighton

Working with LushTums over the last few years has given me new ideas to use in my practice as a midwife. I’d recommend LushTums training to everyone because I love the combination of science and yoga - it just works really well.”

Kate Thorman, Midwife, King's College, London                   

Kate has been a midwife for over 10 years and is our in-house midwife on the LushTums teacher training programme & acts as a support mentor to LushTums teachers.