Welcome to LushTums 'in the Wyld'

Enjoy our immersive retreats in nature where mums to be and their partners and families can take some time out to relax, connect and prepare for birth and beyond. 


Weaving together yoga, breathing techniques, birth prep, nature connection, pampering, mind tricks and more. We specialize is sharing the pleasurable side of pregnancy and birth with the aim that women, their partners and their babies can all have a positive experience.  Just a stone’s throw from London, escape the city for a weekend and come and enjoy an all-inclusive woodland retreat with delicious food, open fires and luxury boutique camping under open skies.

Pamper + Prep

Treat yourself to a weekend of pampering, and get nurtured by nature. Relax in a wild flower meadow, receive a massage under dappled leaves and unwind by a burbling brook. We weave in useful yoga and breathing practices to make your pregnancy and birth experience more comfortable and share some easy and creative techniques to enable you to fully understand the birthing process.  Come and celebrate yourself, your body and your bump in the beautiful Kent countryside and make strong supportive connections with other mums to be.


Bring your partner and learn together about what happens during the birthing process.  Stay in luxury ‘glamping’ accommodation set in the beautiful Kent countryside, take the opportunity to relax, learn tips and techniques on how to support each during birth and beyond and share some time just for yourselves to nurture your relationship and prepare for the intimate journey of parenting.


A special retreat just for the singletons, to honor, support and embrace this option of parenting.  Come and get pampered whilst meeting other women to create solidarity and a strong network of support. Learn useful yoga and breathing techniques and fully inform yourself of all your options at birth and beyond.  We will share accessible and easy tips on how to access the considerable benefits of nature to nourish and nurture yourself in every situation.

Babes in the wood - Postnatal

Get out of the house and bring your babe to the woods. While they are introduced to sensory experiences from birdsong, fireside warmth and looking up at the forest canopy, you can relax and concentrate on recovering from birth. Learn invaluable yoga techniques to help your body return to its pre-birth size, shape and strength. Have a safe space to process and rest, tips and techniques on breastfeeding, nutrition and more.  Make the most of your maternity leave, meet other new mothers and watch your baby’s development flourish in nature.

Dora is a pregnancy yoga teacher, ecologist and mother. She has practiced yoga for over 15 years and finds great joy in her relationship with the natural world.  Awed and fully alive through her transition into motherhood, her own experience of birthing has motivated her to bring together the complimentary practices of yoga and nature connection. By offering immersive retreats in nature, she hopes to support, celebrate, connect and inspire women, their partners and their babies as they step out on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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