Clare Maddalena

LushTums founder, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT), doula and mother of two, has taught over 10,000 women since becoming a yoga teacher back in 2003. She teaches tried and tested techniques inspired by yoga and various mindfulness courses, including NLP and life coaching that are key for birth preparation. Clare is also the Senior Yoga Tutor on all our teacher training programmes.
Clare Maddalena (Yoga Haven, Purple Turtle Well-Being & Upstairs@SIX)

Clair Edwards Pregnancy Yoga teacher

Clair Edwards

Clair is a former dancer and practiced yoga alongside her training and beyond. She is interested in the positive effect exercise and relaxation can have on our mental well-being and how important this is during pregnancy for mother and baby. Clair also teaches postnatal yoga classes too!
Unit 4 & Bird Studio

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Katherine Wilding

Katherine is a busy mum to 3 young children and a pregnancy yoga teacher. She practiced yoga during all of her pregnancies and after 3 very different labours strongly believes in the benefits of a positive mindset. She is passionate about empowering women by helping to equip them with the practical tools and techniques needed for their own unique pregnancy and birth experiences. Katherine's 75 minute classes provide a safe, calm and welcoming space to practice yoga, connect with your baby and positively prepare for birth. 



Kim Pehrsson

Kim is a doula, mother of two, and teaches pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Her own experiences of pregnancy and birth fuelled her need to support women during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She is continually amazed by women’s strength and beauty as they go through the transition of becoming a mother.

Kim Pehrsson

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LushTums Classes & Courses on offer in Brighton and Hove:

  • Pregnancy Yoga - classes happening all across the city every week.

  • Prepare for Birth Courses - a refreshing and cheaper alternative to NCT! Just find the date on our TIMETABLE and book in now. 

  • Prepare for Baby & Breastfeeding - handy tips to learn BEFORE the baby arrives if you choose to breastfeed. Email us to register your interest. Just £75.

  • Postnatal Yoga Mum & Baby - put yourself back together again, restore your core and practice with your baby by your side.

  • Women's Yoga - time out for you to recharge and develop your practice.

  • WiggleBums & WiggleKids - fun and exciting yoga, story and sensory for toddlers & pre-schoolers - happening in venues and also nurseries and schools.

  • Aromatherapy for Birth course - Ideal for birth workers and supports, including midwives, doulas, yoga teachers and other health care professionals

Be part of the LushTums Community and find out about regular events happening each month to help you make friends and connect with other parents and parents-to-be! Next event is brunch/lunch at 12.30pm at SIX on Western Rd happening on Tuesday 11th Sept - pop along and say hi!

Other Services

Birth 'n' Baby Course - Sign up for our Birth 'n' Baby Course run in partnership with BABIES (previously known as Parentskool) helping you to prepare for the birth (wth us) and for the practicalities of having and caring for a baby (with BABIES) aged 0-6months. £275 per couple / £235 for a single person. BOOK NOW - find out more now here.

Doula Services - Finding an additional layer of support for birth and beyond - Clare and Kim are our local Doula team, contact them directly for details.

Birth Debriefing 121 Sessions - So when things don't go well, it is good to have a skilled professional to talk to. These sessions are confidential and help you go through the big experience that giving birth is. We use tried and tested yoga and mindfulness practices to help you process it all. Book a 121 session with founder, Clare Maddalena. Sessions are charged on a sliding scale to make them accessible and affordable to everyone (from £35-£125) with 30% of all profits going directly to local charities, such as the Rocking Horse, SANDS, Chestnut Tree House and Rise UK - all who do amazing work supporting women, parents and babies. If this is something of interest to you, please book your sessions now, by emailing Clare directly. 


"I'm back again for my third pregnancy! It really makes such a difference. If I don't come to class I really feel it." Helen, Brighton

"I have to say your Birth Preparation Course was better than NCT and so much cheaper - thanks so much, we both loved it." Laura, Brighton

"I really enjoyed the postnatal classes I did with my babies and once they were big enough, the Women's Yoga classes were pure sanctuary. I'm always telling everyone about LushTums!" Anna, Brighton

"I highly recommend LushTums classes. They gave me a bit of me time each week and I put our fantastic home birth down to the breathing and movement techniques I learned. A real highlight of my week." Sarah, Hove

"My husband and I found the LushTums Preparing for Birth course exceptional. We had already decided to also partake in the standard NCT class and now we have experienced both I can't stress how much better I found Clare's course in terms of actual techniques and coping strategies. It was far more real and less text book. Alongside the course I have been attending the LushTums pregnancy yoga classes and these have altered my perception of labour and birth in such a positive way. I would recommend any mums-to-be to invest in some 'you and baby' time. It's been so invaluable to me (and our baby) and I would highly recommend the LushTums programme in all capacities". Carrie, Brighton