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Our Story

LushTums was created by Clare Maddalena in Brighton back in 2007, after the birth of her son, her first child. Realising the incredible benefits her own yoga practice had on her pregnancy, birth and mothering journey, she decided to share this with others and set up just a couple of local pregnancy yoga classes in the heart of Brighton's North Laines. Yoga helped Clare throughout all the changes of pregnancy, with birth and life as new parent, often saying, "It's the yoga! It keeps me sane!" whilst relating to others also struggling at this time. 

In 2010, her classes were so popular that she opened a studio to support the whole family, Yoga Mamas, which ran for three successful years.

At this time she became an antenatal educator and birth doula and since then, she has personally taught and worked with well over 10,000 women; teaching them pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga and women’s (or mother's) yoga. You'll still find Clare teaching most weeks in several studios across Brighton today.

After being a specialist in this field for over 10 years and becoming a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and a registered Antenatal Educator and Birth Doula with FEDANT (the UK's leading body for antenatal education and midwifery), she decided she was ready to share her experience and knowledge with others - and LushTums was finally born!

All the LushTums Training content has been fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals and/or FEDANT - giving it the two best marks of excellence in the industry, one for yoga and one for all things birth. In just a few years, we now have nearly 50 expert teachers in 20 locations around the UK, a teacher in Holland and a teacher in Canada.

Today, the LushTums 'tribe' is a fantastic growing community of teachers all working together to support, empower and help even more women than ever, on their journeys to motherhood. We couldn't be more delighted!

What next? 

In 2017 we launched our sister brand, WiggleBums which offers fantastic yoga, sensory, story and play for parents and their little ones (aged 1-4yrs and 5-16yrs). We now have teachers in Sussex and Monmouthshire and not only teach classes in indepdant local venues but have also been invited into nurseries and schools. Our passion for making the world a better place through yoga, mindfulness and ultimately connection with ourselves and with others is really happening! Come and join the team - find out more about WiggleBums now

This year we launched our online personalised and upgraded version of Hypno-Birthing - check out the Beautiful Birth Resource Centre now.


We have opportunities for new teachers to launch in areas across the UK and around the world! So if you are excited about setting up your own business whilst being fully supported, passionate about PREGNANCY, BIRTH, BABIES, MAMAS, PARENTHOOD AND/OR CHILDREN and you are looking for a rewarding and flexible career, teaching classes, courses or running retreats, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Come join our tribe. We love what we do helping women on this important transforative time of their lives and in turn helping the next generation too! And we would love you to love what you do to!



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Meet our founder, Clare Maddalena and hear her inspirational story. Find out about the unique LushTums approach and why we and so many others are so passionate about all things bump, birth, baby & beyond!

Clare is the creator of LushTums, the UK's leading expert offering pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga for mum & baby and women's yoga classes.

We have grown organically over the last few years to 30 teachers in 18 locations across the UK and beyond. We have a teacher in Holland and one in Canada - and hope you might join the team to help more expectant mums enjoy pregnancy, birth and life as a new mother!

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