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LushTums Classes & Courses on offer in Portslade:

  • Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes - suitable from 15 weeks, if you are new to yoga, right up to when your baby comes.

  • Antenatal Education Courses - suitable from 24 weeks onwards, spaces limited, booking essential.

  • Postnatal Yoga Classes - recover post birth, strengthen and restore, practice with your baby by your side.

  • Women's Yoga - perfect for all women, especially mothers. A time to practice for you, recharge and develop fitness through yoga.

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Booking is essential. By booking in you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We do not share emails or personal info with any other unauthorised third parties. To cancel any classes, just log in via 'My Account' in the top right of the timetable - you can manage all your bookings there. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cancellations by email or text. Classes missed will be charged as if attended.

Drop In

First Trimester - £10 (60 mins)
Pregnancy Yoga - £13 (75 mins)
Couples Yoga - £20 (60 mins)
Women's Restorative Yoga - £13 (75 mins)
Postnatal Yoga - £13 (75 mins)
1-2-1 private session £25 (50 mins)

5 Class Package (with a 6 week expiry)

First Trimester - £45
Pregnancy Yoga - £60
Couples Yoga - £90
Women's Restorative Yoga - £60
Postnatal Yoga - £60

10 Class Package (with a 3 month expiry)

First Trimester - £75
Pregnancy Yoga - £110
Couples Yoga - £170
Women's Restorative Yoga - £110
Postnatal Yoga - £110

LushTums Teachers


Dora Clouttick

Dora is a mother and loves to be in nature, working deeply with her yoga and meditation to offer a warm and welcoming support to the ladies in her class.


07503 384428


"I'm back again for my third pregnancy! It really makes such a difference. If I don't come to class I really feel it." Helen

"I have to say your Birth Preparation Course was better than NCT and so much cheaper - thanks so much, we both loved it." Laura

"I really enjoyed the postnatal classes I did with my babies and once they were big enough, the Women's Yoga classes were pure sanctuary. I'm always telling everyone about LushTums!" Anna

"My husband and I found the LushTums Preparing for Birth course exceptional. We had already decided to also partake in the standard NCT class and now we have experienced both I can't stress how much better I found Lushtum’s course in terms of actual techniques and coping strategies. It was far more real and less text book. Alongside the course I have been attending the LushTums pregnancy yoga classes and these have altered my perception of labour and birth in such a positive way. I would recommend any mums-to-be to invest in some 'you and baby' time. It's been so invaluable to me (and our baby) and I would highly recommend the LushTums programme in all capacities". Carrie

Class Locations

South Portslade Community Centre
Church Road
Portslade, Brighton
East Sussex
BN41 1LB

Church of the Good Shepherd
35-37 Stanley Avenue
Mile Oak, Portslade
BN41 2WH