Deep Sleep Meditation - FREE! Enjoy!

Deep Sleep Meditation - FREE! Enjoy!


Sleep Deep Meditation 

Try this FREE meditation, a gift from us to you, to:

  • Reduce anxiety and worry

  • Help you relax and go to sleep

  • Help you go back of to sleep if you are in the habit of waking up

  • Enabling a deeper and more nourishing sleep

There comes a point in every pregnancy when our babies sleep on our bladder making us wake up throughout the night.  We can also start to wake at the times our baby will need feeding, and sometimes it's just really hard to then go back to sleep.  

Equally when our babies are first born they needing feeding throughout the night as their tummies are so tiny they need filling regularly.  This can take its toll on us and we can find ourselves on high alert and sometimes we forget to 'stand down’ even when they are happily enjoying a good long deep sleep.  This can effect our mental and emotional well-being and can impact heavily on our health. 

So, the focus for this meditation is to energetically clear anywhere that’s stopping you from having a deep and nourishing sleep.  Whether you have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep long enough or you may wake up in the early hours and can’t get back off to sleep, using this meditation will help you relax and let go to that wonderful deep and nourishing sleep you deserve.  

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