Healing Anxiety

Healing Anxiety


Anxiety can rule our lives. From severe panic attacks to feelings of nervous unease, it can hold us back and cause us to lose out on experiences & people. 

  • Resolve anxiety, worry and unease

  • Create good solid clear boundaries

  • Feel safe and secure

  • Grow in confidence in who you are and what you can do

Together we journey back down your time line to find the part of you who first developed  feelings of Anxiety.  With your love and acceptance you will release them and mature them up to the here and now.  

Use this meditation to meet the part of you that fully embodies what it is to trust themselves 100%.  The part of you that feels safe and calm and confident in all that they are and do.  

By connecting with them you will reboot your system, deleting anywhere you have ever felt anxiety, fear or worry. Upgrading your confidence, trust and security based codes deep within your cellular system.

Integration is a necessary part of the healing process and will set you free from all of those entanglements that have held you back in this lifetime, indeed all lifetimes. 

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