Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes are:

  • Welcoming and friendly

  • Always tailored to meet your needs

  • Help relieve any pregnancy ailments or aches you have

  • Help give you a much need good night's sleep

  • Reduces your stress, anxiety and/or fears

  • Teaches you key tools and techniques to help you prepare for labour and brith - including our specially designed 'breathe, move & relax for birth' practices

  • Meet other lovely mums-to-be!

We believe our approach is unique and comprehensive, pragmatic and practical, giving you the best in nourishing & active yoga, together with the latest in scientific evidence and research.

Everything we share with you is fact based and we understand every women and birth is unique - so we educate and empower YOU to make your own informed decisions on your journey throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

If you are in your first trimester, please book into the 1st Trimester Pregnancy Yoga sessions which are more gentle and designed to help you combat nausea and fatigue.

Once you reach 15/16 weeks and feel more energised progress into our regular Pregnancy Yoga classes right up to full term (or beyond if you go overdue!!)

If you have any concerns at all, please just check with your doctor or midwife that you are ok to practice and then contact the teacher in your area directly. 

Why not try:

  • Our very own upgraded version of Hypno-Birthing; Beautiful Birth - completely personalised to you, available online for just £97, so you can practice in your own time, as much as you need

  • BOOK NOW - reserve your space in our monthly Antenatal Education courses - learn everything you need to know to prepare for birth AND make some new friends in your area