Congratulations you are pregnant!

Join our expert pregnancy yoga classes where you can make friends, heal aches and pains and learn everything you need to know about birth. Based on the latest scientific research, we will teach how to move, breathe and relax - all key coping techniques you will need for labour.

You and your birth partner can also complete your antenatal education with us. A fresh, modern approach that empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your baby over the coming days and weeks.

Enjoy our online mediations to relieve anxiety and help you sleep and sign up for our online Hypno-Birthing course to help you enjoy a happier pregnancy and more positive birth - all from the comfort of your own home!

Connect with your local group and enjoy meet ups, picnics, brunches and afternoon teas to make friends and build that much needed community of support.

Pregnancy Yoga

everyone is Welcome to our pregnancy yoga classes - from 15 weeks if you are new to yoga or exercise:

  • Enjoy nourishing, active pregnancy yoga classes - stay healthy, alleviate aches & pains and sleep well.

  • Based on the latest scientific evidence - prepare for birth and life as a new mum with confidence.

  • Tailored to your unique needs - feel empowered on your journey.

Antenatal Education 

Everything you need to know to prepare for birth - Book from 12 weeks and attend from 24 Weeks:

  • A fresh and factual approach to Antenatal Education - down to earth, fun and easy to understand way.

  • Unlike other birth prep courses, we do cover all topics - you will be fully prepared and 100% inspired.

  • Perfect opportunity to meet other lovely people preparing for birth and parenthood.

join our online birth prep programme & community


More Resources For You

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to preparing for birth. We have created some helpful resources for you to explore. Click the buttons below to find some really interesting things to watch and read and if you need any more info, just talk to your local teacher.