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 Antenatal Education 

BOOK NOW - reserve your space on our popular and all encompassing Antenatal Education programme from 12 weeks - planning to attend a course when you are around 24-34 weeks, so you have plenty of time to digest the information and practice the techniques. (Don't worry if you have left it later than this, as we always say, better late than never!)

Our courses have been running for over a decade and are based on the latest science, research and protocols. We have created our courses with expert midwives and received full accreditation from FEDANT, the UK's awarding body for antenatal education & midwifery in the UK.

Uniquely, in addition to learning all the facts and science about birth, this course will also teach you practical tools on how to 'breathe, move and relax' throughout labour and birth - which you won't find in other antenatal courses. Plus we don't shy away from any subjects, and will also teach you all about medical pain relief options and any interventions you might have to navigate, so you are fully prepared and able to make the best decisions for you and your baby on the big day.

Essentially, we cover EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for birth - delivered in a down to earth way. Our Prepare for Birth Programme includes:

  • How do I know labour has started?

  • The stages of labour

  • What is a contraction? Why it is OK to use the word 'contraction' - the science behind what your body is doing and techniques to help you cope

  • The role of hormones and the importance of the positive feedback loop

  • The effects of fear on the process

  • Using the breath, yoga positions and mindfulness as a toolkit for labour

  • Clear explanations of all possible medical interventions and pain relief options - and why these sometimes have a much needed place

  • How to make decisions and give meaningful informed consent in the moment - and the importance of this

  • Essential birth partner tips - what to do, when

  • The 4th trimester - early days with your newborn, what to expect

We offer two options to you - one is an intensive one-off birth preparation course, ideal for those who are time short. Or sign up for our full programme, which runs over 4-6 sessions each month. Read on for full details.


One off '4hr-6hr'' Intensive Prepare for Birth Programme:

If you are short of time and need a one-off intensive half to full day birth preparation session, either within a group or as a 121 - these are happening:

  • Brighton - 14th Oct

  • Manchester - 11th November & 13th January

  • Bristol - new dates to be announced

  • Chepstow - new dates to be announced

  • Worthing - new dates to be announced

Dates and locations coming soon for other areas - email us here to have your name added to our local wait list.

BOOK NOW - via the timetable below. Click to find your chosen date and press book now to save your space.


Full Antenatal Education Programme over 6 sessions - including Prepare for Birth, Baby Care & Feeding, Baby First Aid and a chance to make friends:

If you have more time and also want to prepare for baby, whilst making friends then this programme is for you. Not only do we cover all of the birth preparation programme outlined above, we also include additional modules in a practical guide to Baby Care & Feeding; Baby First Aid which is essential for all new parents; & lots of social time to meet other parents-to-be - happening:

Brighton - usually on Tuesday evenings 7.00-9.00pm at the lovely cafe Starfish & Coffee, Queens Park Rd, Brighton - £250 per expectant couple and/or expectant mother and her birth partner for all 6 sessions

JANUARY course (if you are due in March and April) - BOOK NOW

  • 8th & 15th Jan for Antenatal Education Prepare for Birth,

  • 22nd Jan for Prepare for Baby, Baby Care & Feeding,

  • 29th Jan for Baby First Aid.

  • Saturday 2nd Feb 2-4pm for Ladies Afternoon Tea.

  • Group reunion Sunday 12th May 12.30-2.30pm

FEBRUARY course (if you are due in April and May) - BOOK NOW

  • 5th & 12th Feb for Antenatal Education Prepare for Birth,

  • 19th Feb for Prepare for Baby, Baby Care & Feeding,

  • 26th for Baby First Aid.

  • Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm for Ladies Afternoon Tea.

  • Group reunion Sunday 9th June 12.30-2.30pm

BOOK NOW - via the timetable below. Click to find your chosen START date and press book now to save your space for that month's course.

If you are due after June 2019, please register your interest by emailing us at