Lushtums Preparing For Birth - Antenatal Education Course - 45 hours

Open to: anyone inspired by birth and wishing to offer birth preparation classes

LushTums is proud to offer a complete Antenatal Education teacher training course - giving you a realistic and down to earth approach to Birth Preparation, so you can help expectant couples on their journey to birth and beyond.

We believe when it comes to birth 'everything has a place' and the more informed we can help our expectant mum's to be, the better equipped they are to handle birth, however it unfolds - as supported by research and evidence. Our course is a meeting of science and yoga in a new and innovative way - helping women (and their birth partners) in mind, body and heart to prepare for birth.

As you train to become an Antenatal Educator you will learn key yoga practices and techniques that women and their birth partners can use to prepare for birth, during birth and life as a new parent. We offer an opportunity to review the science behind why it works and how the practice gives women an extra coping mechanism when it comes to giving birth. You will be taught how to provide up to date information on all things to do with birth - we don't shy away from any subjects - and in turn you will be able to hold this space for expectant couples and run your own Preparing For Birth courses - a complete guide to antenatal education, enabling those couples to prepare and make their own informed decisions along their journey.

What you will learn:

  • Detailed pregnancy and birth anatomy and physiology - what is happening to the body during pregnancy and birth and postnatally and how in understanding the science we are more equipped to understand and trust our bodies.
  • An in-depth understanding on how the body responds to stress and how we can use particular yoga practices to find calm, in turn helping the birth process along
  • Yoga practices from breathing, movements, relaxation and mindfulness that become the key tools birthing women can use.
  • A broader understanding as to the importance of this work and what it means to work in this discipline, with women and their birth partners and the babies who are being born

You are also required to complete several assignments and reading in your own time to give you an opportunity to revise everything we have covered and put into practice what you have learnt. The course includes your attendance, assessments and upon completion, certification. 

The content of our courses has been fully accredited by Yoga Alliance UK and FEDANT – the UK’s federation of antenatal educators, giving it two marks of excellence in this field.

You will be able to run your own antenatal education courses in your areas to build a rewarding and flexible business as a LushTums Teachers, receiving on-going mentoring and business support as part of our franchise opportunity. 


Upcoming Course Dates

Brighton - 2017

Location: Brighton 

  • Attend 4 intensive days: Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd June 
  • Plus attendance of at least 2 of our Preparing For Birth courses running with expectant couples (Sunday 26th February, 26th March, 14th May or 9th July 2.00-6.00pm) 
  • Plus follow up 121 sessions (via Skype or FaceTime) with the course director to complete your training

You will also be expected to complete a few assignments to help you revise what you have covered and to run several practice courses for review and feedback, before completing your course.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL – Spaces are limited.


Working with LushTums over the last few years has given me new ideas to use in my practice as a midwife. I’d recommend this Antenatal Education Course to anyone working in birth. The birth breathing and sound work really helps the women I work with.”

Kate Thorman, Midwife, Kings, London
Kate has been a midwife for over 10 years, with experience in Africa and currently is at Kings, London. Kate is our in-house midwife on the LushTums teacher training programme & support mentor to LushTums teachers.