WiggleBums is a yoga, mindfulness and sensory play class for preschoolers and their grown ups. WiggleKids is for children aged 5-12 and using yoga to help support their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Co-developed and founded by LushTums founder, Clare Maddalena and her sister, Patricia Maddalena, NLP master practitioner and coach, WiggleBums and WiggleKids launched in 2016.

Today we have 10 teachers offering inspiring yoga classes for preschoolers and primary school aged children across the UK. All the content included in these classes checks all the Early Years curriculum boxes, and so alongside running independent classes and parties, we also work with nurseries and schools.

Clare and Patricia co-head our teacher training academy and look forward to launching the following new courses this year:

-    Yoga Moves - a yoga and NLP programme for empowering teens and helping them through challenges

-    Mindset Matters - a yoga and NLP programme for helping children and young adults with mental health disorders

-    Integration Therapy - a mindfulness and NLP talking therapies programme, ideal for 121 scenarios facilitating deep healing and trauma release.