Going beyond regular children sensory or play activities, WiggleBums also helps parents & carers connect with themselves more fully in their role and in turn enables better attachment and bonding.

WiggleBums classes are carefully and creatively crafted fun & exploratory yoga, play and sensoryfor children aged 1 year to pre-schooler AND their grown ups! You'll also find classes available in nurseries and primary schools with children up to aged 12.

Going beyond regular play activities, WiggleBums encourages:

  • Development and helps parents and carers connect with themselves in their roles as care-givers;

  • Enabling children to grow and their parents and carers to understand the immense power and impact our thoughts, words and behaviour have on our children.

  • Understanding that how we think, speak and act influences our children both now and for their future is central to these fun and imaginative yoga classes for kids.

  • Our classes help foster feelings of security, confidence and happiness throughout early life, with tremendous benefits for our children as they become teens and adults.

  • Think of this time as critical for laying the foundations for our children’s futures.

All this is beautiful woven into the fabric of the class using yoga, story-telling, movement, music, song, interaction, inspiration and free-flow creative exploration. Following a familiar format each week, each class explores a new 'story' and new 'resource' that delights the children, and each term a new song. Children and parents are encouraged to share this experience today and love their time at class so much that often the themes and play continue for both at home!

These classes offer a supportive and nourishing space as much for parents as for little ones to enable everyone to grow to their full potential with deeper relationships and connections with each other. Book your course now!