Women's or Mother's Yoga - time out for you

This creative and varied class, draws on all aspects of yoga, is suitable for all ages and levels of experience and fitness - all women are welcome. The content is tailored to meet your individual needs and you will leave feeling calm and complete – ready to face the world again!  Many of our post-natal mums progress onto this class to deepen and continue their practice, just chat to your teacher if you think you might be ready - and many women come along to prepare for conception or to heal ailments, such as back aches or depression.


  • Relax, recharge and enjoy some time out
  • Strengthen your body, pelvic floor and your core
  • Relieve achy shoulders and tired backs
  • Fight fatigue, energise and rejuvenate
  • Clear your head, reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Promote and nourish a healthier immune system
  • Alleviate digestive issues of all kinds
  • Improve your sleep
  • Meet other fantastic women in your area and connect into your community

What makes LushTums classes special?

Our lovely, expert LushTums classes provide nurturing, active, safe and supportive classes, offering a space for women during a time of great change - whether that's through pregnancy, in preparing for birth or during life as a mother. We teach fantastic tried and tested yoga practices that are useful and easy 'life tools' that you can use 'off the mat' - these really help improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Giving you an opportunity to relax and calm the mind, enables you to 'fill up' and feel nourished and supported. This means everyone leaves class feeling reconnected to themselves, grounded and ready to cope with life's challenges and stresses with much more resilience, calm and perspective.


Because we really need this! As women, as pregnant ladies, as mothers, we need time out for ourselves. We need head space. We need to process the fact we are 'pregnant' or where ever we are at with 'life's challenges and stresses' and all that brings. We need to relax. We need to do this for our mental health and emotion balance. We need to connect with others. We need to feel part of a community. We all need more support, even if our lives are full and loving, an extra layer of support goes a long way - and latest research and  evidence clearly shows us that this is not only important for us, as women, but by extension, this helps us better support our families, greatly benefitting our babies and children and that this positively influences our child rearing practices, leading directly to social improvements, happier future generations and a more peaceful society at large. The power to change the world and make it a better place rests in our hands, as parents to be and parents, so lets get together and make that positive change happen over the next generation.

Coming soon

  • Our own upgraded version of Hypno-Birthing called Mindful Birth
  • Preparing For Baby
  • Baby Massage