Clare Maddalena

Passionate about pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenting, Clare, creator of LushTums, & WiggleBums co-founder, is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT), doula and mother of two.

Becoming a yoga teacher back in 2003 she specialised in all things bump, birth and baby when she had her own children and realised what a life-changing, supportive and powerful practice yoga was at this transformative time. Sharing ancient wisdoms and giving them a modern context, Clare has taught tens of thousands of women and trained hundreds of yoga teachers.

She is also the creator of the LushTums Antenatal Education Programme - a fresh and modern approach to birth prep, that is 100% evidence based. A fresh blend of science and anatomy as well as yoga practices to move and breathe. Really preparing you for as positive (and realistic!) a birth as possible.

She is also the creator and SYT on all our teacher training courses. Collaborating with leading experts in their respective fields to create training courses which are unlike any other. Creative, in-depth, cutting edge and fascinating - a joining of the dots that offers a grounded, non-dogmatic and creative approach to teaching yoga.

Clare is often asked to comment or speak at events. As an expert in yoga and how this helps our overall health and wellbeing in today’s fast paced world; through to commenting on pregnancy, birth & motherhood. If you need to ask an expert, reach out for a chat!