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Classes provide a safe space to exercise whilst exploring your pregnancy and your feelings.

LushTums teachers are very knowledgable and classes are always tailored to everyone’s needs.

I’d highly recommend doing your antenatal education with LushTums. It far surpassed all the other courses we also did.

I did both the classes and Antenatal Education to prepare for birth and am so grateful I did. The breathing was amazing and totally got me through it all.

Not only have I loved the pregnancy yoga an postnatal yoga classes, I am now loving the Women’s Yoga. So nice to have an understanding space for me to continue to explore yoga.

I’m back again for pregnancy number 3! My much needed bit of time out each week. Highly recommend.

prices & package offers

Pregnancy Yoga & Postnatal Yoga Classes:

  • Drop In – £13

  • 5 Class Package (with a 6 week expiry) – £60 (save £5)

  • OFFER Buy 5 Postnatal classes get one FREE!!!

  • 10 Class Package (with a 3 month expiry) – £110 (save £20)

  • OFFER Buy 10 Postnatal classes get TWO FREE!!!

Women’s Yoga

  • Drop In – £11

  • 5 Class Package (with a 6 week expiry) – £50 (save £5)

  • 10 Class Package (with a 3 month expiry) – £90 (save £20)

Antenatal Education Course:

Join us for 4 weekly sessions run over the course of a month. A great opportunity to meet other parents-to-be as you prepare for birth and life with your new baby. Course includes:

  • Week 1 & 2 - our full antenatal education; prepare for labour & birth

  • Week 3 - baby first aid, with Daisy First Aid

  • Week 4 - surviving the 4th trimester, early days, baby care, sleeping & feeding

  • With additional Mamas-to-be Meet Ups over brunch AND a Family Brunch Reunion once the babies are here!

Book from 12 weeks in pregnancy - attend after 24 weeks. Early bird rate if you book 6 weeks before course commencement, save £35, pay just £215/couple. Or usual price is £250/couple.

Next courses happening in Nov 2019 and then in Jan, March, May, July 2020. Courses start on the first Tuesday, 7-9.15pm at Starfish & Coffee, Brighton. For more info email us today!


Birth Doula Services

Our full package Birth Doula service includes personalised on-going support throughout your pregnancy, attendance at our Antenatal Education course, on call cover for two weeks before your due date until two weeks afterwards and an opportunity to have a post-birth debrief session. You also benefit from free access to our Beautiful Birth online programme and accompanying support private Facebook group. For full details contact Clare directly.

Postnatal Doula Services

"Postnatal doula support gives women confidence and increases breastfeeding success, as well as reducing the risk of postnatal depression" - Mothering The Mother by Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993

As well as offering antenatal and birth support at LushTums we are now also offering postnatal doula care. Postnatal doula work involves supporting the family after the baby is born as you adjust to your new roles as parents.  

You know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well, generally we see women take on so much on their own nowadays they consequently feel overwhelmed and exhausted as a result.

This is where the postnatal doula comes in!  You can’t get this time back, it is precious, and your health and well-being is crucial for you to be able to enjoy this phase and care for not only your baby but yourself as well.

Postnatal doula work involves :

  • Actively listening and allowing mum to talk through her birth experience, explore all her feelings and make sure she has space and time to reflect and let the whole experience sink in.

  • Support, help and signposting with breastfeeding problems.

  • Picking up groceries and cooking nutritious meals ( lets face it - the last thing a new mum feels like doing is cooking!)

  • Light cleaning, dishes, refreshing/ watering plants.

  • Holding baby or taking baby for a walk while mum naps,bathes or just has some time.

  • Playing with older siblings while mum is caring for baby or resting.

Fee: £20ph, £35 for 2 hours, £90 for 3 x 2 hour sessions per week. For any questions, inquiries, or a friendly chat please dont hesitate to get in touch: kim.pehrsson@lushtums.co.uk / 07861926441

LushTums Teachers


Clare Maddalena

LushTums founder, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT), doula and mother of two, Clare has taught tens of thousands of women since becoming a yoga teacher back in 2003. She teaches tried and tested essential birthing techniques inspired by yoga and various mindfulness courses, including NLP and life coaching.

Purple Turtle Well-Being

clare.maddalena@lushtums.co.uk 07908 949419

lushtums-hove-kim-pehrsson (2).jpg

Kim Pehrsson

Kim is a doula, mother of two, and teaches pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Her own experiences of pregnancy and birth fuelled her need to support women during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She is continually amazed by women’s strength and beauty as they go through the transition of becoming a mother.

Tree of Life & Upstairs@Six
kim.pehrsson@lushtums.co.uk 07861 926441


Clair Edwards

Clair is a former dancer, mother of two and is one of our original teachers. She has been teaching since 2014 but practicing yoga for many more. She is passionate about supporting women and their families through the mental and physical changes of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Purple Turtle Well-Being, Energy for Life & Unit 4
07812 202577


Katherine Wilding

Katherine is a busy mum to 3 young children and a pregnancy yoga teacher. She practiced yoga during all of her pregnancies and after 3 very different labours strongly believes in the benefits of a positive mindset. She is passionate about empowering women by helping to equip them with the practical tools and techniques needed for their own unique pregnancy and birth experiences. 



07810 773445

our local services

Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation Classes

Active nourishing pregnancy yoga classes helps you prepare for birth. Learn how to breathe, move and relax. Suitable from 15 weeks if new to yoga or if you already practice or exercise a lot you can start earlier, just let your teacher know.

Antenatal Education Courses

Join us for our monthly course run over 2hr sessions on Tuesday evenings. Meet other expectant couples and prepare for birth. Ideal for first time parents and also a suitable refresher. Limited space so booking is essential - book from 12 weeks to save your space - and attend from 24 weeks onwards.

Birth Doula Support

Having a doula present at the birth can give you confidence and reduce the chances of interventions by 60%. Support includes full antenatal education and being on call for a month around your due date plus much more! Contact Clare directly for more info.

Postnatal Yoga Classes for Mum & Baby

Essential for all new mums to help recovery post pregnancy and post birth. Strengthen your body, deep core and pelvic floor with your baby by side! Meet other lovely mums and create community together. Suitable from 6 weeks post vaginal delivery or 8 weeks post caesarian.

Postnatal Doula Support

Gives you confidence, helps with all sorts of home-based tasks and reduces the risk of postnatal depression. The work of a postnatal doula involves supporting the family after the baby is born as you adjust to your new roles as parents.  Contact Kim directly for more info.

Women’s Yoga for all

Come along for some time out for you, to fill up and recharge. Classes are always tailored to the individual needs of the women attending. Always active and nourishing - the perfect combination to help you through a busy week!

WiggleBums & WiggleKids

Fun interactive and creative yoga classes using story and sensory play to teach the benefits of yoga, breathing and mindfulness - tools for life - to pre-schoolers & primary aged school children; in local venues and also within nursery and school settings.

Birth Debriefing 121 Sessions

So when things don't go as expected, either with the birth or afterwards, it is good to have a skilled professional to talk to. These sessions are confidential and help you fully debrief your experience. We use tried and tested yoga and mindfulness practices to help you process it all. Book a 121 session with founder, Clare, or with our local midwifery support team. Please book your sessions now, by emailing Clare directly. 

For More Information

For more information about any classes & courses in this area please email us or go ahead and book your place via the timetable below. You can also join the LushTums Community of parents-to-be and parents over on Facebook; we look forward to connecting with you

Class Locations

Purple Turtle Well-Being
The Old Slipper Baths
Barrack Yard, North Road, Brighton

Patcham Methodist Church
Ladies Mile Road

South Portslade Community Centre
Church Road
Portslade, Brighton
East Sussex
BN41 1LB      

Unit 4
20-26 Round Hill St

Tree of Life Centre
143-145 Portland Rd

St Ann’s Well Garden
Somerhill Road,

Energy For Life
75 Sussex Street
BN2 0HL   

Portslade Sports Centre
Chalky Rd,
BN41 2WS   


Enjoy yoga, hypno-birthing meditations and a ton of info to help you prepare for birth and becoming a mother. Just £97!

Enjoy yoga, hypno-birthing meditations and a ton of info to help you prepare for birth and becoming a mother. Just £97!