Antenatal Education 


Once you reach around 12 weeks, it is recommend that you sign up for Antenatel Education and plan to attend when you are around 24-34 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to learn everything, prepare fully and practice the techniques. Don't worry if you have left it later than this, we will do our best to squeeze you in!

Our courses run as intensive one off 2, 4 or 6hr sessions. Or 2 hour sessions weekly over the course of a month. They all cover EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for birth & surviving the 4th trimester. All delivered in a down to earth, fun and easily understandable way.

All of our Antenatal Education Courses help you prepare for birth and baby fully by teaching you:

  • The signs labour is starting

  • The stages of labour, how things typically progress

  • What is a contraction? Why it is OK to use the word 'contraction' - the science behind what your body is doing and techniques to help you cope

  • The role of hormones and the importance of the positive feedback loop

  • The effects of fear on the process

  • Using the breath, yoga positions and mindfulness as a toolkit for labour

  • Clear explanations of all possible medical interventions and pain relief options - and why these sometimes have a much needed place

  • How to make decisions and give meaningful informed consent in the moment - and the importance of this

  • How long things might take, when to call, what to pack in your bag

  • Where to birth - home, midwife led unit or hospital - and why

  • Essential birth partner tips - what to do, when

  • The 4th trimester - early days with your newborn, what to expect


Experts in this field, all LushTums teachers have been fully trained and deliver Antenatal Education based on the latest science, research and protocols. Co-created by our founder Clare Maddalena and a team of expert midwives we have received full accreditation from FEDANT, the UK's awarding body for antenatal education, midwifery & doula services in the UK.

We not only cover all the science about what your body is doing, but also teach you practical tried & tested tools & techniques on how to 'breathe, move and relax' throughout labour and birth. Unlike other courses we really teach you how to cope with contractions, find your rhythm to work with your body and overcome fears.

Plus we don't shy away from any subjects and will teach you about all the options open to you including medical pain relief and interventions you might have to navigate, so you are fully prepared and able to make the best decisions for you and your baby on the big day. Again, this is unlike other courses which often just explain about natural childbirth and don’t take into account some of the other things that might happen.

Sign up today. Make friends as you learn and prepare for birth and parenthood ahe


If you are short of time or prefer to join a one-off course, you will find that here:

  • Hayward’s Heath - 24th March / 9th June / 22nd September. Our popular one-off 6 hour course provides a full approach to Antenatal Education, helping you to prepare for birth & for your baby. We covers everything you need to know about labour and birth, how to survive the fourth trimester, baby care, care for yourself and the safest ways to return to exercise. This popular course is in collaboration with Beacon House family therapeutic centre; a child and family clinical psychologist will also be joining us to talk about the importance of attachment and bonding with baby, both during pregnancy and through the early stages of parenting. £170 or early bird for £150. Contact Sarah & Kate for more info.

  • Cheshire & Stockport - 3rd February / 7th April. Ideal for pregnant women and their birth partners. This 4 hour session combines the best in yoga and meditation practices, perfect for helping during birth - includes breathing techniques, positions, movements, mindfulness and relaxation technique. £115 or early bird for £100. Contact Suzanne for more info.

  • Ipswich - 6th March. This 2 hour session focuses on birth partner yoga teaching you how to breathe and move and relax for birth. £30 per expectant mama-to-be and her birth partner. Contact Sarah for more info.

TO BOOK: Click through to find your chosen date on the timetable on this page and press book now to save your space.

More dates coming soon for other areas. Please mail us here to add your name to our local wait list and we will let the teacher there know you are interested.


Full Antenatal Education Programme - Prepare for Birth & Baby: includes Prepare for Birth, Surviving the 4th Trimester, Baby Care & Feeding, Baby First Aid and a chance to make friends:

Happening monthly, over 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7.00-9.00pm at the lovely cafe Starfish & Coffee, Queens Park Rd

£295 per expectant couple and/or expectant mother and birth partner x all 6 sessions - or early bird 6 weeks in advance and save £45, pay just £250


MARCH course - (if you are due in June, July or August) - BOOK NOW

  • 5th & 12th March: Antenatal Education - Prepare for Labour & Birth

  • 19th March: Baby First Aid - essential for new parents

  • 26th March: Surviving the 4th Trimester - Prepare for Baby, Sleeping & Feeding

  • Saturday 30th March: Mamas-to-be Afternoon Tea

  • Saturday 8th June: Brunch meet up reunion to meet the babies!


MAY course - (if you are due in July, August, September) - BOOK NOW

  • 7th & 14th May: Antenatal Education - Prepare for Labour & Birth

  • 21st May: Baby First Aid

  • 28th May: Surviving the 4th Trimester - Prepare for Baby, Sleeping & Feeding

  • Saturday 1st June: Mamas-to-be Afternoon Tea

  • Saturday 7th Sept: Brunch meet up reunion to meet the babies!

Courses also running in July, September and November.

BOOK NOW - via the timetable above. Click to find your chosen START date and press book now to save your space for that month's course.

Due after June 2019? Please register your interest by emailing us at

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We have hundreds & hundreds of wonderful reviews but thought we’d share just a few here to give you an idea of what other women think once they complete a course with us.

“Deciding which classes to take to prepare us for the birth of our child felt like a complete chaotic minefield for James & I. I am so glad we chose the LushTums course. There was so much to learn but  the patience and way of explaining things was easy to digest. I felt so empowered after the course and felt I had all the info to be able to say this is my birth and Im going to question stuff! The environment was not scary I did not feel silly asking questions and am so grateful for the guidance through the class.” Vicky, February 2019

"I have to say your Birth Preparation Course was better than NCT and so much cheaper - thanks so much, we both loved it." Laura, September 2018

"My husband and I found the LushTums Preparing for Birth course exceptional. We had already decided to also partake in the standard NCT class and now we have experienced both I can't stress how much better I found the LushTums course in terms of actual techniques and coping strategies. It was far more real and less text book. Alongside the course I have been attending the LushTums pregnancy yoga classes and these have altered my perception of labour and birth in such a positive way. I would recommend any mums-to-be to invest in some 'you and baby' time. It's been so invaluable to me (and our baby) and I would highly recommend the LushTums programme in all capacities". Carrie, March 2018