Charlotte Lewis

Mum to a lovely little boy, Charlotte is currently training with LushTums to become a Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal Educator and will be setting up classes to help women and their birth partners prepare for birth very soon. Charlotte has always been passionate about pregnancy and birth and is delighted to be able to share the LushTums know-how with you in Worthing now! 

Charlotte Lewis         07772 848984

Welcome to LushTums Worthing

You’ll find a range of classes here to help you be healthy and fit during pregnancy, informed and prepared for birth and safe and supported as a new mother. Our teachers provide nourishing and active classes in stunning venues here. Use our timetable to pick a session time and location that suits you and then press 'Sign In' to reserve your space - bring cash along to pay your teacher directly. Be sure to arrive 5-10 mins before class to get yourself settled and so we can start on time.

New to yoga? That's ok! Classes are for complete beginners to expert yogis. Everyone is welcome. Wear comfy clothes you can move around in, bring a bottle of water. If you have any other questions at all, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you. Thank you for checking out LushTums - we hope you enjoy your classes!

Lushtums classes on offer in Worthing:

  • Pregnancy Yoga - relax & recharge

  • Preparing For Birth - antenatal education


Preparing For Birth 4hr Intensive Course - sign up now!

Perfect for expectant ladies and their birth partners to learn everything you need to know to help you prepare for birth AND all the LushTums breathing, moving and positions and relaxations for birth.