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Pregnancy Yoga & Prepare for Birth classes

Tailored to meet your needs, these specialist classes are designed to help relieve aches and pains, strengthen your body, calm your mind and prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for birth.


Antenatal Education for you and your birth partner

Created in conjunction with expert midwives, these unique, all encompassing courses are designed to help both you and your birth partner understand all about your body, your baby and the birth-essentially everything you need to know.


Postnatal Yoga for mums and babies

Active and nourishing classes to help you safely regain your strength and shape, restore your pelvic floor and core and connect with yourself as a mother, and with your baby.


Women’s Yoga for women and mothers wellbeing

Fun and varied classes suitable for women of all ages, irrespective of previous yoga experience or fitness. Tailored for women’s bodies and health needs, they are a chance for you to relax and recharge, ready to face the world again.


WiggleBums & WiggleKids for preschoolers and primary aged children

Yoga, mindfulness and sensory play inspired classes for pre-schoolers and primary school aged children, designed to support their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development and help them understand themselves and the world around them

For those who can’t make it to classes in one of our locations, you can access classes for each trimester, yoga for many pregnancy ailments, plus hypno-birthing meditations from the comfort of your own home - access the Beautiful Birth programme today!