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Inspired to empower mums and mums-to-be

LushTums offers a place to learn, connect and enjoy the process of pregnancy, birth, becoming a parent. Established since 2007 and launched by our founder, and mother of two, we continue to feel passionate about working with women at this time, to empower them on their own journeys to motherhood and beyond.

Our classes and courses are educational, down to earth, personalised, fun, dynamic and nourishing. Join us from pregnancy to help you use yoga as a way to embrace your changing body and prepare for birth.

Our Antenatal Education courses help you and your partner learn all the science and facts and stats around labour and birth, as well as how to breathe, move and relax; all key strategies to help you cope.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get to one of our locations, you can also benefit from our online Beautiful Birth Programme, which is full of amazing resources, hypno-birthing quest meditations and everything you need to know to prepare for birth. Be it a vaginal birth at home, or a caesarian, or a water birth or a breech birth or you are expecting twins or more! Check it out here!

Once you have had your baby, come back to class for your much need rest and repair. Our postnatal yoga for mums & babies helps to mend from the inside out and once you re ready to develop your practice and strength more, move on to our Women’s Health Yoga classes designed with mothers in mind.

If you love what we offer or wish to give your children life skills and develop their emotional intelligence and your connection together, join our children’s yoga classes, WiggleBums (for pre-schoolers) and WiggleKids (for primary aged children) happening in studios and also in nurseries and schools across the country.

Look for a new career

We are also an established and trusted Teacher Training Academy offering expert courses to help you become a professional in this specialism. We have grown very organically over the last 5 years and are delighted to have a tribe of amazing women as part of the LushTums community of teachers. Many of whom also are doulas, counsellors, massage therapists. So connect with your local teacher and find out with else they offer.

In addition to our regular training courses, we also offer a business support programme and mentoring package which can really help you on your way. Being part of our community of teachers means you can not only have flexible working that suits your timetable, but you always have support and a place to connect into.

The LushTums Story

LushTums was developed by our founder, Clare Maddalena, to help women everywhere enjoy more positive & empowering experiences during pregnancy, birth and life as a new mother - through yoga, movement, mindfulness, relaxation and educational classes.

A mum of two herself, Clare has been a yoga teacher since 2004 and specialised in all things Pregnancy, Birth & Women since 2007 when she started teaching LushTums classes from her Yoga Mamas studio in Brighton.

From there a community grew, with Clare’s classes giving women the time and space to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and prepare for birth - as well as make friends with other local mums-to-be. They quickly became well-known across the city for being friendly and accessible for all- soon even the local midwifery team could tell when a woman in labour had been to Clare’s classes!

Clare is regularly invited to speak at Midwife Study Conferences and Mental Health seminars around the country and is an advocate for education and empowerment for women.

Today LushTums is a thriving community of passionate, highly-trained teachers running classes in towns and cities all over the UK, and abroad, who are all supported and mentored by Clare and her team. And indeed Clare still teaches in Brighton today!

All our content has been co-developed with a team of midwives and accredited by both FEDANT - the UK’s leading body for antenatal education, midwifery and doula services, and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Clare is available for comment and talks - please reach out if you have any questions or wish to collaborate in some way. EMAIL CLARE TODAY.


Listen to Clare’s interview on why do this work - and get inspired!

Here is LushTums founder, Clare Maddalena, sharing her inspirational story about LushTums, her approach and why we and so many others are passionate about all things bump, birth, baby & beyond! 

Yoga for mental health

Here is Clare Maddalena talking about yoga, movement and mental health at the NIPS Seminar in Sept 2018 - sharing tools and techniques and science on how yoga can help all of us and children with Mental Health concerns.

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