Preparing for Birth - Preparing For Birth Manual

Here are some top tips to help when preparing for birth during the later stages of your pregnancy:

• Give yourself plenty of time to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically.

• Slow down and tune in regularly - listen to your body and your baby.

• Understand the physical mechanics of birth.

• Understand the effects of fear and anxiety on the body, and the importance of staying calm and trusting the body to get on with it – Foetal Ejection Reflex.

• Practice breathing techniques that aid birthing and positive affirmations that resonate.

• Allow yourself time to work through and process any fears or uncertainties, before the birth.

• Familiarise yourself with all the pain relief options – both natural and medical, so that if you need to make choices during birth you are fully informed.

• Pregnancy can feel like a long, uncomfortable and nerve-wracking journey at times. But during those final weeks women can appear to turn a corner. They begin to feel ‘ready’. You may find yourself thinking or saying “I just want this baby out!” This reflects changes in hormones, and signifies a readiness to give birth.

• Let go during the birth; if there are any leftover fears, anger, or stress, let them be released. Often such a release needs to happen to enable the woman to re-birth herself as “mother” and relax, allowing the baby to be born.

Remember, you are giving birth; bringing your baby into the world, giving life to your child... WOW! This is a momentous and wonderful occasion... ENJOY THE RIDE!