The LushTums Story

LushTums was founded Clare Maddalena to help women everywhere enjoy more positive experiences during pregnancy, birth and in life a new mother, through yoga, movement, mindfulness, relaxation and education classes.

A mum of two herself, Clare is a yoga teacher who has specialised in Pregnancy Yoga since 2007 when she started teaching LushTums classes from her Yoga Mamas studio in her home town of Brighton.

From there a community grew, with Clare’s Pregnancy Yoga classes giving women the time and space to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and prepare for birth- as well as make friends with other local mums-to-be. They quickly became well-known across the city for being friendly and accessible for all- soon even the local midwifery team could tell when a woman in labour had been to Clare’s classes!

It was this passion for helping women enjoy their pregnancy and birthing experience that led Clare to develop the LushTums Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training. By using her years of experience and knowledge gained as both a yoga teacher and doula to train other passionate individuals, more women could be reached as the LushTums teaching community grew and new LushTums teachers established their own local classes.

Today LushTums is a thriving community of passionate, highly-trained teachers running classes in towns and cities all over the UK, and abroad, who are all supported and mentored by Clare and her team. And indeed Clare still teaches in Brighton today! Alongside our original specialist Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes we also offer complete Antenatal Education courses for pregnant women and their birth partners, and classes in Postnatal Yoga and Women’s Yoga. 

All our content has been co-developed with a team of midwives and accredited by both FEDANT- the UK’s leading body for antenatal education, midwifery and doula services, and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

In 2016 Clare and her sister Patricia developed and launched Wigglebums and WiggleKids, sharing their own creative approach to yoga and mindfulness for children, and are launching more exciting and innovative courses in 2019.