How I Became A LushTums Teacher

LushTums teacher, Kate, talks about her journey from London high-flyer to pregnancy yoga teacher.

 I decided to train to teach pregnancy yoga because there wasn’t anything in the town where I live – Haywards Heath – when I moved here expecting my second child in 2012. Throughout that pregnancy I used to make the journey to Brighton to attend Clare’s classes every week, and I absolutely loved them. I was happy to make the journey as I’d been practicing yoga for years by that point, so understood how the classes would benefit me both mentally and physically. But I worried that any ladies who were new to yoga and living in the area wouldn’t feel compelled to make such an effort to attend a class, and I did feel frustrated that nothing was available locally.

When our son was around 4 months old I spoke to Clare about what I’d been thinking and she was incredibly encouraging. Fortunately for me she’d also been considering starting up a teacher training course, so it seemed like it was meant to be! A few short months later and I was nervously attending the first day of Clare’s first teacher training course, back in the same studio where I’d gone to attend her classes. I loved yoga and was very excited about possibly making it part of my ‘job’, but retraining for a new career felt like a really big deal – particularly as I’d have to learn things formally again, for the first time since graduating! I’d also been working in the same industry (corporate film production) for 15 years and didn’t have any experience of running a business for myself, so that side of things was quite daunting.

But as soon as the course began I knew that I’d made the right decision – I was completely hooked. I’ve had plenty of support from Clare along the way, and from the other women who attended the course at the same time as me – we all share our experiences and support each other, which is amazing and far more than I’d ever hoped for when I signed up. After 3 months of training, then 4 months of practicing with pregnant friends I’ve been teaching properly now for 3 months, and I absolutely love it. I get such a buzz out of being able to work with the amazing women that come to my classes, seeing them learn and grow in confidence, and helping them to feel more comfortable in their pregnancies too. Plus it’s a career which fits incredibly well with my other job of being a mum to 2 (soon to be 3) small kids, which is perfect for me and my family.

This week was another first for me – the first of my students gave birth. She texted to let me know when the contractions began and then again the next day with news of the safe arrival of her second son, in the birthing pool at home, a million miles away from the medicalised experience she’d been through the first time around. She also said how the yoga breathing techniques that she learned in our classes had helped her to remain confident and calm throughout her labour – in fact so much so that her midwives wanted to know where she had been practicing pregnancy yoga (and asked for my business card!!), as they were so impressed by her breathing and general positivity throughout her labour.

I was so pleased to hear her amazing news. But my reaction has actually been much deeper than I expected: I’ve realised the true significance of what we do. Giving birth is an incredible, huge, life-changing event which will stay with a woman for the rest of her life. We help to make that experience as positive as it can be, to alleviate the panic and fear and equip them to deal with it better physically. I feel so proud to be able to do that, and so lucky to have a job which enables me to help people whilst pursuing something I love doing at the same time. I can’t wait to keep building my classes and share my knowledge with as many women as I possibly can in the years ahead.


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