Birth story - Making a Speedy Entrance!



Alexandra Sophia Jones was born at 6:24am on Sunday 31 July, weighing 4.08kg (8lb 15½oz). 10 days overdue! 

I still didn’t manage to get my water birth! I woke up at 4am feeling a bit uncomfortable then had a contraction. Had another at 4:45 and woke my other half to say I thought things were gearing up. By 5:15 things seemed to be speeding up so I rang my parents and the midwife. I found making the 'ooo' sounds really useful at this stage as they gave me something to focus on. I also tried using the various positions Clair had showed us and found the standing up positions pretty helpful. Kneeling down was a bit too intense at this point. Concentrating on the birth breathing also really helped. Contractions sped up very fast and I got to the midwife-led unit at 6:00. Whilst standing at the reception desk my waters broke which made me feel a bit embarrassed! They got me into a rather lovely suite with a birthing pool, which they hadn't had time to fill. I knelt down to let them check how far along I was and felt the urge to push. The midwife said that she could see the head and the baby was ready to come out so there was no time to get in the pool. I knelt on a huge cushion and out she came within 15 minutes of getting in the room! 

I was very lucky again and only had a minor tear.  We had skin to skin and a feed which went very well. I was able to get into the pool once she was out to soothe the afterbirth and clear up so at least time I got some use out of it. It was a lovely pool.

It took longer than expected to get discharged. I was expecting to be out by 11am and finally left at 2ish. Turned out they were short staffed and very busy so they couldn't get the paper work done. 

Lexie is doing really well, feeding with no problems and growing all the time. Only just over 2 weeks old and can already lift her head up a bit! Our eldest daughter is very happy with her little sister and has been lovely with her. 

I am going to miss Clair's LushTums class now, as I found it useful, relaxing and enjoyed them very much.