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Birth Story - Jennifer and Mila: My Home Birth

I had planned to have a home birth because I felt that home was where I would feel safest and more in control of the birth. I had hired a TENS machine and a pool, and had attended antenatal yoga and practised hypnobirthing meditations in preparation as I knew I wouldn't have stronger pain relief options unless I went into hospital. 

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Birth Story - Yoga Breathing and Getting in the Zone

Daisy Beatrix Amber Sutton was born on 23/02/2016 at 8.28am in birthing pool at Brighton hospital, weighing 8lbs1oz. The pool and midwives were lovely! Marc was great, supplying me with countless cups of water (and tissues, yes I had a rotten cold!). Using gas & air and doing yoga breathing/oo-ing is thirsty work!

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Birth story - Nico and Laura: My C-Section Birth

We had planned to have our baby as naturally as possible using water and active birthing principles. However, when he was still breech at 37 weeks, I was booked in for an ECV to try to turn him. Clair helped by discussing this in class as well as other options. The breathing techniques learned at LushTums came in use

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