Points to remember about Birth: Notes for a Pregnant Woman - Preparing For Birth Manual


• Be with people who think you can do it. Keep numbers to a minimum and to those you are familiar with.

• Labour is active - keep moving and being in positions that are comfortable. When you are having a surge lean forward or on to a wall or support or person. Hands and knees is a great position to try - many women give birth in this position.

• Don’t try to be strong. Talk about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. When you access your feelings, whatever they are, you can use that energy however you choose. Make the sounds that are comfortable for you. You and your baby are the ones that matter - everyone else is there to support!

• Keep breathing - DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!! Keep your jaw relaxed and throat open - as the jaw and throat represent the pelvis and birth canal. Just check in with your jaw every now and then and release any tension. The pelvis and birth canal will take care of itself!

• Choose what you say. NO will contract the body and YES will open it. Say YES and THANK YOU and OPEN with every surge - it may sound silly, but many have seen this work wonders.

• Your baby is fully conscious and listening and communicating with you now and will be through the birth. Talk to your baby, let it know what is happening for you. Make sure anything done to your baby, is explained to your baby first. If you haven’t already, take some time out each day to listen to your baby. Remember this being loves you and your job is to be open to receive that love for you and for your partner. Know that love is all your baby, your child, will ever want...

• After the birth see to it that you and your baby are together, or that it is with your partner. Make sure you receive nurturing and support in physical forms. The baby and you are still one unit - you need to be cared for so that you can give what is needed to your baby. (In Eastern culture, women have 40 days to rest and be with their baby... no chores, no cooking, just nurturing and being nurtured. This support role is critical for partners to fulfil.)

• Allow yourself to receive all the love and support that is around you. Make clear choices and then trust that you make the right choices for you and your family. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are listening to you and your baby. People who are supporting you to have an empowered, enlightening experience. There is no right or wrong way... if you are listening to yourself and to your body. You have everything you need! Have an innocent, ecstatic time!! Remember – it’s about having a baby – it’s a celebration!!!!