Positive Affirmations - Preparing For Birth Manual


Combined with all of the pain relief options available, having a positive state of mind is tremendously important. If you are particularly fearful of something, admit it, look at it, research it, until you understand its place and the fear can be released - even seek out additional support during pregnancy to help you over come any fears around birth, motherhood or life afterwards. Some of the yoga practices we do in class can also help release fears.

Then, once you are clear, you can believe your way to a better birth by practicing some positive affirmations such as these (note: they do not contain the words “I don’t want X” as the subconscious mind does not understand the “don’t” so we are in effect telling ourselves “I want X” - another reason to release any fears around X, so you no longer focus on it at all):

• I am strong and calm

• I trust my body and my baby

• I have inner help

• I love myself

• I forgive myself

• I trust myself

• I trust my body

• I love my body

• I am empowered

• I am powerful and lovable

• I am surrendering to this

• I keep my mind calm and peaceful

• I am loving my baby into the world

• I am calm and my baby is calm Everything starts with a thought.

The power of the mind (particularly the sub-conscious mind is vast and fascinating). What we focus on with our thoughts, become habits, become expectations, become reality. Keep your thoughts positive and clear, as above.