Placenta Encapsulation- what’s it all about?

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Ok, so you may have heard the term ‘placenta encapsulation’, but still be confused about how it works, what the benefits are and what it costs (or even what it ACTUALLY is).

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our Lushtums Bristol teacher Nicole has specialised in the preparation of placenta remedies for over 7 years, and is here to explain....

Why should I consider consuming my placenta?!
Well mammals have been consuming their placentas since... well, since forever. But modern humans don't routinely engage in this practice. Why not? The placenta is FULL of good stuff:

  • Stem cells and growth factors
  • Iron - essential for oxygen absorption in the cells
  • Vitamin B6 - aids in the making of anti biotics
  • Vitamin E - for healing damaged skin cells
  • Oxytocin hormone - essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding
  • Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) - responsible for reducing stress levels
  • Cytokines -Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissue.

Placenta consumption benefits the new mother by supplying incredibly rich meaty iron, amino acids and essential fats which is the perfect replenishment following the physical exertion of pregnancy, labour and birth. Placenta remedies have reported to;

  • Reduce post birth bleeding quickly Encourage a quick and healthy milk supply
  • Balance hormonal peaks & drops
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Prevent the baby-blues & postnatal depression
  • Boost energy levels to cope with a busy day after little sleep
  • Improve the appearance of skin / hair /nails

Ok, you say, that’s all well and good- I’m convinced of the benefits, but the thought of eating my placenta makes me feel, well… squeamish.  Fair point – that’s why there are now a growing number of placenta specialists to help turn your placenta into capsules and other more palatable options- such as smoothies, balms and creams, homeopathic remedies and tincture, so you don't miss out on the amazing benefits. You don't even have to see your placenta if it isn't for you, just leave it to the specialists.

So how does it work?
You will need to complete a booking form, specify the remedies you would like and pay a deposit to your specialist. She will then provide you with a chill pack with everything you need to store your placenta safely. You also need to let your midwife know you would like to keep your placenta (the placenta is actually the property of the mother and the hospital must ask your consent to dispose of it).
Midwives and hospitals are becoming familiar with this process and are generally very accommodating! After the birth they will pop your placenta into the cool pack and you will just need to call your specialist who will then come to quickly collect it. She will then carefully prepare your chosen remedies and bring them to the hospital or your home address within a few days – easypeasy!

What does it cost?
The cost of placenta capsules does vary depending on location – please visit to find your local specialist. Your placenta is precious, and it is important to ensure you use a reputable specialist to process your placenta – your safety is of paramount importance.

Nicole charges £175 for placenta capsules, and has a range of additional remedies and packages available. She covers Bristol and the surrounding areas;

Nicole Petrucco
Nicole teaches Lushtums Pregnancy Yoga in Bristol. She is also a Birth and Post natal doula, placenta specialist and mum of 3.