Calling All Suffolk Mamas!


LushTums Ipswich is branching out! We have had such a fantastically positive response to what we do in Ipswich, so we are so excited to announce we will soon be bringing our happy, healthy and informative approach to pregnancy and birth to mamas-to-be and their birth partners from all around Suffolk!

Our mission

LushTums is the UK's leading expert in antenatal education, offering pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga for mum & baby and women's yoga classes in towns and cities all across the UK, and beyond. We provide a nurturing and safe space for women during this time of such change; teaching them key tools and practices they can use off the mat to help them physically stay fit and healthy, mentally stay balanced and emotionally find some calm and happiness. Not only is this incredibly beneficial for women at this time, it will benefit their babies and even future generations to come.

What’s on in Suffolk?

LushTums pregnancy yoga & birth preparation classes are currently running in Ipswich, giving mamas-to be the perfect mix of yoga-based exercise specifically designed to ease away pregnancy aches and ailments, breathing techniques to help during labour and relaxation exercises which are invaluable during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Classes are suitable from 15/16 weeks and no prior yoga experience is necessary (and you don’t need to be bendy- everyone is welcome!)

We also run regular LushTums Prepare for Birth couples’ courses for mamas-to-be and their birth partners. Our Prepare for Birth course has been designed to cover EVERYTHING that you and your birth partner need to know to feel happy, empowered and ready for birth. Knowing what to expect and feeling in control is a huge step towards a smooth and positive birth. This course runs as a 4 hour one-off intensive session taught in small groups, but is also available as a one-to-one class in your own home, and can be spread over a couple of evenings.

We also hold monthly meet-ups- a great way to stay in touch with the people you have met in class, make new friends and meet some gorgeous new babies (and enjoy a well-earned cuppa!)

Why should you come along and check us out?

The response to our classes and courses so far has been overwhelming. These reviews speak for themselves…

“Just wanted to say thank you for Sunday’s class. We really enjoyed it and came away feeling so positive and excited about our baby’s birth! We both felt so much more confident and understood everything so much more. It was really good for my partner to see what I have been up to at yoga and to understand what I was talking about. I think he’ll really feel a part of the labour now and feel like he has a real part to play.”


“Sarah explained everything very well and we came away with a really good understanding of what actually happens in labour. We are also doing a NCT course, and although it covers a lot of similar things, we found the LushTums Prepare for Birth workshop was much more detailed yet so much more reassuring and easy to understand.”


“I would highly recommend attending the Prepare for Birth workshop, my husband and I both found the experience useful and informative. We found Sarah to be welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable and both felt very at ease during the class. As a first time mum-to-be, I was nervous about giving birth. Thanks to Sarah's talk about the stages of labour and what to expect from your body I found it much easier to remain calm and in control during labour. I even managed to make use of a few positions to help during some of the more difficult moments. The knowledge from the workshop and the yoga classes let me control the birth and, with a little help from gas and air, I had a wonderful birth experience.”


“Sarah was absolutely fantastic, she connected well with both my partner and I, and really understood what mattered to us. We both learnt so much about the birthing process that we didn’t already know despite having already gone through it once. We both had the most positive birthing experience which became totally different to that of our first, despite there being aspects that could have been very stressful the whole environment remained calm and we both felt in control of the situation thanks to having all of the knowledge and techniques that Sarah taught us. I cannot rate Sarah enough, she is the perfect person to teach these classes, she has the ideal character and personality and ability to put you at ease. Her knowledge and teaching style is perfect and she has a warm and welcoming vibe which isn’t easy to find. This class combined with LushTums yoga really changed my entire birthing experience and I am so pleased I found it in time!”



We really are changing people’s birth experiences for the better, giving them the tools they need to feel empowered and in control of their own journey.

Where can you find us?

LushTums Pregnancy Yoga and Birth preparation classes are currently based in Ipswich, with classes running on weekdays and weekends, in Ipswich town centre. Take a look at our online timetable to book yourself into a class. One-to-one options are available in other locations around Suffolk.

Our Prepare for Birth courses take place every 6-8 weeks in Ipswich, but we are so excited that they will be coming to Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds and Framlingham and other parts of Suffolk in 2017! Contact Sarah for more details of upcoming workshops.

And if you don’t find a time or location that suits you, then please do get in touch as we also offer one-to-one or bespoke group classes, for both Pregnancy Yoga and the Prepare for Birth course, within a 25 mile radius of Ipswich.

Take a look at the LushTums website where you can find out more about our classes, sign up online and find loads of fab pregnancy and mama related resources, or get in touch with Sarah, either by email or give her a call on 07773 330691 to find out more. 

Sarah Topping

LushTums Ipswich Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation teacher

Sarah is also a mum of two, who loves spending time outdoors with her family, and good coffee.

Visit the Lushtums website for information about all our teacher training courses and to find a Lushtums class near you.