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Pregnancy Diary Week 31: Holiday

This week we have been living it up in the Isle of Wight. This is holidaying at its most intrepid. I would consider myself as reasonably well travelled and fairly adventurous on the whole, but since having our first son our passports have seen bugger all action. We've indulged in a long weekend in the new forest (ooh la la), another at the Suffolk Center Parcs (get us), and now we're jetting off to sunny Seaview, wait for it, for a whole week.

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Pregnancy Diary Week 39: Maternity Leave

I had a pedicure this morning, then a two hour nap. I am now eating a BBQ beef Hula Hoops sandwich — officially winning at maternity leave. I finished work on Friday after a rather frenzied scrabble to get everything I wanted done but have now made it to that dream state where you book in doing bugger all, allow yourself treats and pampering and put your feet up.

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Mama's Guide To Abergavenny.

Wow, the school holidays are almost upon (how is it July already?!) and many of us Mammas will be the feeling the stress of trying to fill our Big and Little Littles’ free time up with lots of smiles and (hopefully) sunshine. I decided to put together a ‘Days Out’ list for my own Big Little’s summer holiday and thought it may be of use for you guys too. We all need a bit more fun, less faff in life,don’t we?! I’ve featured places within a half hours drive from Abergavenny. We really do live in a beautiful, gorgeous part of the world and there are A LOT of things to do and places to see. We just need that weather now. Or good waterproofs. But probably both knowing the Welsh weather!!

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