become an expert Teacher with us. We offer Training Courses for Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby, Women’s Health Yoga, Mama’s Restorative Yoga, Antenatal Education & Children’s Yoga. Also launching this year Yoga Moves for Teens, Yoga for Mental health & 121 Therapy Training

About Us

At LushTums we are passionate about sharing yoga’s hugely powerful practices with parents-to-be, parents & children everywhere. As a teacher you will be helping people cope with life’s challenges and develop awareness & compassion; skills for life that can help make the world a better place.

Our cutting-edge trainings offer a unique cross-disciplinary approach, combining yoga’s ancient wisdom with the latest in scientific evidenced based research. You can also benefit from our Business Set Up Programme offering practicalities on how to set up a successful business in your area.

Our content is accredited by awarding bodies such as Yoga Alliance Professionals and FEDANT (the UK’s leading body for antenatal education and midwifery), recognising our excellence in this field.

Train with us today and we can help you create a flexible and rewarding career helping others, doing something you love.

What makes LushTums unique?

  • We are accessible to non-yogis and those with no previous experience of teaching or yoga, pregnancy, birth or motherhood - everyone is welcome to apply

  • We have an established community of teachers - all supporting and lifting each other up, always help is on hand

  • The training fees are reasonable and accessible to most people and you should see a return on your investment quickly

  • We have a passion for the empowerment of women and families through providing a career opportunity for our teachers and also to women in our classes

  • Flexible working and achieving the life balance - our’s is a job where you come home less stressed - you actually get paid to do what you love! 

  • Experienced skilled tutors for all courses with decades of experience in yoga, pregnancy, women, birth, babies, mental health, postnatal health, restorative, mindfulness and breath work

  • Aftercare for those new to setting up a business as part of our Business Set Up Programme including 3 months of mentoring and coaching

  • On-going support for all teachers as part of our Community and the provision of additional option services to help you on your way should you need

Our Training Courses

All tutors that teach on our training courses have in excess of 15-20 years experience in their established fields; enabling you to benefit from decades of knowledge to become an expert yourself within just a few short months.

All our courses are 100hrs each and take around 2-3months to complete, however after just our first 5 intensive days together, you will be ready to start to teach practice classes in your chosen discipline. During your self study time, should you need additional support or have any other questions, you can contact your senior tutors for help.

Once you have trained, completed your assignments and are certified to teach you will be all set to launch your classes. However, if you wish to receive on-going business support & mentoring to help you on your way, you can sign up to receive our 3 month Business Set Up Programme.

Existing teachers (yoga, pregnancy, postnatal teachers) or existing doulas, midwives or hypo-birth practitioners wishing to have a refresher course or or join the LushTums Teachers Community are welcome to get in touch.

Unlike many training schools, we will not teach you set sequences, specific class plans or posture scripts to repeat and regurgitate. Instead we teach to a much more in-depth level, so you can be creative and respond to specific student’s needs and anatomy with confidence, in each class, every time - making your classes bespoke, tailored and authentic every time.

Request our course brochure for full details and if you have any questions at all, pop us an email and we will come back to you soon for a chat.


Pregnancy Yoga Training (100hr)

  • We share so many rich teachings on this training, going above and beyond asana for pregnancy, we take in an historic, cultural and social perspective that truly gives you a depth to your knowledge and experience. We were all born after all, so many of the teaching apply to us, as well as the women in our classes.

Antenatal Education Teacher Training (100hr)

  • A true meeting point of yoga values with science and evidence based research combine to create a powerful approach to Antenatal Education for today’s modern pregnant women. Honouring all options and understanding that everything has place, we aim to empower women as they prepare for labour, birth and motherhood.

Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (100hr)

  • Classes are suitable from the early days with a newborn, recovering from pregnancy and birth, through to having some time to practice on the mat on your own again, our training offers an approach that helps women progress safely back to their bodies and back to exercise, whilst drawing upon essential ethos of yoga to stay present and grounded as challenges of motherhood naturally arise.

WiggleBums and WiggleKids Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (100hr) - A complete training For Anyone interested in teaching Children Yoga

  • A complete approach to yoga, offering movement, breath work, sensory play, stories and music, drawing on rich traditions from around the world and inclusive of all children in class, our approach ticks all the early years boxes enabling you to bring these classes into schools and nurseries.

NEW Training Courses launching in 2019/20

Taking our years of expertise and knowledge we have created 3 new areas of training; Yoga Moves (for teens), Mindset Matters (for mental health & well-being) & Integration Therapy (counselling for the 21st century that offers resolution and healing). Find out more below or arrange a call to talk through these new and exciting opportunities.

Integration Therapy Training (100hr) - A complete training For Anyone interested in becoming an expert therapist

  • Open to anyone interested in become a 21st century therapist to help clients overcome negative habits, phobias, limiting beliefs or recover from trauma.

  • This revolutionary training enables you to help your clients through group or in 1-2-1 sessions.

Mindset Matters Teacher Training (100hr) - A complete training For those new to Yoga

  • Open to anyone wishing to support people with mental health concerns.

  • Upon qualifying you will be able to offer 1-2-1 sessions or work within school settings, family centres or the mental health system.

Yoga Moves Teacher Training (100hr) - A complete training For those new to Yoga

  • Open to anyone wishing to support teens using yoga, mindfulness and NLP techniques.

  • This evidence-based content can be offered via independent classes or taken into schools as part of wellbeing programmes.

I love how unique and comprehensive the courses have been from asana to philosophy, to anatomy and fascia and so much more. This has provided a wealth of knowledge.
— Sasha, LushTums London

Listen to Clare’s interview on why do this work - and get inspired!

Here is LushTums founder, Clare Maddalena, sharing her inspirational story about LushTums, her approach and why we and so many others are passionate about all things bump, birth, baby & beyond! 

I loved having varying styles of yoga to learn from and it’s good to break it all down to put it all back together again. My main take away has been learning to teach (and live) from my heart - thank you Clare and thank you LushTums!
— Sarah, LushTums Abergavenny

Yoga for mental health

Here is Clare Maddalena talking about yoga, movement and mental health at the NIPS Seminar in Sept 2018 - sharing tools and techniques and science on how yoga can help all of us and children with Mental Health concerns.

What a journey! I came to this hoping to consolidate my knowledge and I’m delighted to say wow I have learnt so much and feel so inspired to keep learning more! The gifts of each of the teachers has made this a unique training and a joy.
— Clair, LushTums Bristol


Clare Maddalena

Founder, Course Director & Senior Yoga Teacher

Read more about Clare

I have LOVED this training. I feel so proud of myself and so whole in my own shoes. I did doubt myself before I started this, but it has been amazing, dynamic beyond my ability however it helped me ramp up a gear which is awesome. I have instilled some faith, I can do this! My style is my style. I am enough! Thank you
— Sam, LushTums Chepstow

I’ve really enjoyed this course. It was like yoga hot-housing! So much knowledge I’ve taken away and it’s taking my teaching to a whole new level.
— Trudi, LushTums Wealden